If you and your pet love to accessorize then the How’s Your Dog Snakeskin Collar Collection is a must have. With the Snakeskin Collar the name of your cat or dog is written in bold letters using Swarovski crystals and can’t be missed. The collar is made from stylish imitation snake skin and is available in seven fabulous colors- white, red, metallic silver, black, metallic gold, pink and blue.

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As a responsible pet owner, you should consider investing in a ‘seat belt’ for you dog. Tragically, every year, thousands of dogs are seriously injured and even die from being loose in a car during a collision or from jumping out of the window. During a sudden stop or in an accident an unsecured dog becomes like a missile- which is extremely dangerous for the dog and for other passengers as well.

The good news is that securing your dog in the car has never been easier. With the Clickit Utility Harness you can quickly buckle in your pet and enjoy the ride.

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Washing your dog, especially if he or she is a large one, can be a challenge. Water can end up everywhere and because many dogs move a lot while being cleaned, you can’t always do a thorough job. The Canine Shower Stall transforms washing your dog into a simple and pleasant experience.

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The Zanies Backpack Carrier is a wonderful way for you to travel with your dog. With the Zanies Backpack your hands are free and your pet travels in style and comfort. It was designed for smaller dogs and as such its dimensions are 17″ L x 11.5″ W x 18″ H. The front of the Zanies Backpack opens into a spacious mesh tent area and both sides have mesh openings. The openings provide ample ventilation and also give your dog an opportunity to see what’s going on.

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Whisker Stress is a very common phenomena that affects cats, although unknown to many pet owners. Cat’s whiskers are very sensitive and if they move 1/2000th of the width of a human hair, a signal is triggered and sent to the cat’s brain. When a cat puts his or her head into a narrow and deep bowl in order to eat, the over stimulation that results from the constant touching of the whiskers with the sides of the bowl causes stress.

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Enjoy walking with your dog without having to carry pickup bags, keys or any other small objects. With the Paww Pick Pocket Pouch you can securely carry these items on your dog’s leash and focus on enjoying quality time with your pet.

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Your dog will love this ultra comfortable sofa bed. It comes with a sturdy wooden frame, a durable, super soft faux leather upholstery with an orthopedic memory foam that relieves pressure points for maximum comfort and a matching ottoman – Perfect for large dogs as well as for older or challenged dogs.

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February 24th, 2014

iFetch Dog Toy: Go Get ’em

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If your dog is like most dogs, he or she probably loves to play ‘go fetch’ with you. While it is always great fun at first, at a certain point most of us get tired and our disappointed furry friends need to wait until we are in the mood to play again. This is what happened to the family that invented iFetch. Their dog Prancer couldn’t get enough of the game so they decided to build a ‘go fetch’ toy for dogs.

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If you and your dog love winter sports and being outside in cold weather then the Hip Doggie Swiss Alpine Jacket is the best way to keep your dog nice and warm. Best of all, with this stylish jacket your pooch is bound to be voted the best dressed pooch on the block.

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February 17th, 2014

Pet Bambu Hammocks

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If you are looking for a dog or cat bed that your pet will love to sleep in and that also has some extra chic to it that compliments the design of your home, then you should look into the Pet Bambu Hammocks. The Bambu Hammocks have a clean modern design that showcases the natural beauty of the bamboo and a simple elegance that makes it stand out.

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Taking care of birds is a wonderful way of getting closer to nature. All year round you can enjoy watching them play and hearing them chirp away. The NeighBirds Nest is a great choice for a birdhouse. In 2013 it received the European Consumers Choice award which is given to companies for best design, innovation and ease of use. The NeighBirds meets all of these criteria.

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The Kittyblock Scratcher is a wonderful invention that will provide your cat with hours of entertainment. It is made from corrugated fiberboard which your cat can lay on, scratch and play with. It has eight different scratching surfaces so when Kitty is done with one you can easily turn the block over. Also, once you change the angle of the block your pet gets a whole new game that can engage him or her for hours.

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February 5th, 2014

Wall-Nut Pet Dish

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The Wall-Nut Pet Dish, from Dripmodule, is a totally out- of- the-box design for a versatile bowl that pet owners are bound to enjoy for a very long time. It has a simplistic design that consists of two elements- a wall mount and stainless steel food bowls.

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Dogs need car seats for the same reasons human beings do. In the event of a sudden stop or a collision, a loose dog can be easily injured and can also injure others. To protect your loved ones there is a simple and comfortable solution – the PupSaver Safety Seat For Dogs.

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