Dog houses dog is a god


Dog houses concept tagged as “dog is a god” are elegant and comfortable. These tailor-made luxury dog houses have been exclusively designed by Marco Morosini as the new gods’ dog habitats.

dog-houses-dog-is-godI really liked the dog house concept especially designed for the dachshund dog called Dooog’s house, although it seems to me a bit claustrophobic.

As for all you traveling dogs out there, you can always go for the travel trailer Nomad dog’s house and accompany your two legged friends on their trips, or go for the Travel dog house which offers a curly-fluffed-interior suitcase with a side opening for the globally chic dog.

Marco Morosini, Italian based animal designer, sees the new-age dogs as primitive gods. “…affectionate and sentimental, now living on a human scale that we’ve created.”


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