Automatic self cleaning litter box Litter Robot


The Litter Robot is an automatic self cleaning litter box by Automated Pet Care Products. Your cat litter box will be cleaned automatically and reliably, again and again. Now you can take that weekend trip without having to worry about your cat’s litter box.

The self cleaning Litter Robot removes waste clumps from the litter, leaving a clean litter bed for your cats, every time. It was designed to work with inexpensive standard 8 and 13 gallon kitchen garbage bags.

This automatic litter box has a waste drawer, at the bottom, designed to prevent mold growth, eliminating that typical cat box smell. Your cat will be safe since there are no moving parts or sharp objects inside the globe and a safety mechanism prevents the Litter Robot from operating when a cat is inside.

Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. was founded in 1999 with the purpose of creating the best automatic self-cleaning litter box. Our goal was to make your life as a cat owner easier by eliminating the daily hassle of litter box scooping.

Litter Robot Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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