Cat Litter Box Washroom Cabinet


Here’s another cool tip for hiding that messy cat litter box with style. It’s called the Kitty Washroom Cabinet and i simply love it with its functional design and classic Americana style – This handsome piece of furniture can accommodate any interior design style, whether it is placed in your bath, kitchen or laundry room.

Designed with wainscoting panels in a clean white finish, this cover offers a 7″x8″ portal for kitty. The front swings open like a door so you can easily scoop or change the litter. Made of MDF material, this cat litter box cabinet also offers two shelves giving you additional storage and display space; the stainless steel towel bar attached to one side is a good place to hang your scoop.

Best thing about this beautiful cabinet is its versatility. If you’re a cat owner you can place it in your bathroom or your laundry room and use it as a litter box cover for Kitty. However, if you own a small dog, you can place it in your living room or beside your bed and create a stylish dog bed for Fido so he could sleep next to you.



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3 thoughts on “Cat Litter Box Washroom Cabinet

  1. admin

    I know.
    It looks real nice and it’s functional too; multi-purpose furniture always make my day. Go kitty, Go!

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