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Luxury dog beds that will look really nice in a Victorian interior design style home are not that easy to find. That is why this luxury dog bed called Doggie Chic Daybed will give both you and your dog a good night sleep.

This luxury dog bed is a decorative piece by itself. It is elegant enough for formal rooms-especially when considering the decorative value of a slumbering pet. Even the picture styling concept presents a real traditional feel to this unique dog bed.
Cushions available at most pet stores. 26w x 20 1/2d x 18h inches.


By | December 26th, 2007

8 Responses to “Dog bed Chic Daybed”

  1. Jaclyn says:

    Is this bed still available? If so, I will take one!

  2. Zena chrysanthou says:

    Can I have one of these? How much? X

  3. Tom says:

    Do you still make these we want 1

  4. Jason Cole says:

    Hi there, how much is this bed and where do I buy one? Love the design!


  5. Amy says:

    Absolutely love this bed!! How much are they & do u have any in stock??

  6. Pets Trends says:

    Hi Shane
    I’m happy to hear about your interest in the ‘Chic Daybed’. Unfortunately, it’s currently out of stock, however there’s another beautiful pet bed you might like. It’s the same style as the ‘Chic Daybed’ and as the name suggests it is a ‘Royal Splendor Pet Bed’- for more details click this link:

  7. SHANE says:


  8. katie says:

    i want this! how much?

Any thoughts?