Pet tents TeePee Lounge


This pet tent is great. I’m sure this portable god tent will be a match to its nature-loving owner’s tent. Who said dogs don’t need their own pet camping tents when they go out seeking nature?

The pet tent TeePee Lounge will be a great little hideaway for your dog while you go looking for bears and stuff. Of course it could also be used as an indoor doghouse if the clouds gather.
This camouflage pet tent, available at Jadore my dog, is machine washable and it includes a removable fleece-covered sleeping pad, so your dog will always be warm and dry.


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2 thoughts on “Pet tents TeePee Lounge

  1. Ignacio Gadlin

    Nice. Yes. And I agree with that, but want to drop my own two-pence-worth about quality of gear. Many times I see people suffering from poor quality equipment that they bought thinking they would be wise to have spent less. That’s not how it works people.

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