Omega Paw self cleaning litter box


This cat litter box, by Omega Paw, cleans by itself. You heard right, it’s a self cleaning litter box that goes by the name of Roll’n Clean. The unique patented grill inside actually scoops out the clumped waste, separating the clumped litter from the good litter and depositing it into the pull-out tray.

Simply roll the litter box onto its top, and roll back to the up-right position. Remove the tray and dispose of waste. It’s fast and easy.


This smart litter box also helps save money – no more scoops, liners, or filters to buy. With a silver top and blue or green base, the box is available in two sizes: a regular size, measuring 16.5 x 19 x 16” with a 7 x 7.5” opening, and a large litter box, measuring 19.5 x 22 x 20” with a 9 x 9” opening – ideal for big cats or multiple cat households.


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