Which is the best automatic cleaning cat litter box?

Cat lovers should consider an self cleaning litter box since this purchase will affect their cat’s health and well-being. Cleaning your cat litter box can be an unpleasant, frustrating task, but keep in mind that all cats’ instinctive nature is to keep clean, that is why most cats avoid using a dirty litter box and often start doing their business elsewhere.

This problematic situation is one of the most common reasons for a cat to be relinquished to a shelter; therefore, keeping your cat’s litter box area fresh and clean is very important, which brings us to the ultimate solution: the automatic cleaning cat litter box.

An automatic cat litter box will keep your home from smelling like cat urine; the cleaning system operates by a timer in order to clean itself up after every use. Most automatic cat litter boxes are hooded or open; made from molded plastic, they are available in a wide variety of color, size and prices.

Automatic cat litter boxes: how do they work?
Automatic litter boxes use a sensor system to activate a timer; a couple of minutes after your cat has left the box, the automatic self cleaning litter box mechanism will begin to clean the litter box.

All automatic cat litter boxes use clumping style cat litter. The automatic systems rake, sift and rotate in order to push the clumped litter into a separate compartment leaving behind fresh, clean litter box for your cat.

Considering an automatic cat litter box?

If the automatic cat litter box is too small, or if it’s located in an uncomfortable place, then your cat will probably stop using it. That is why you should use large litter boxes while keeping the litter deep enough for your cat to use.

Place the automatic cat litter box in a quiet area away from your cat’s food and water where it will feel most comfortable to use it.

The size of your cat litter box is very important; most people choose a litter box that is too small while ignoring the fact that a bigger box will attract your cat to use it even more. A large automatic cat litter box is also best suited for large cats or multiple users.

Automatic cat litter boxes are either hooded or open. In case you are using a hooded litter box, remember that it will probably feel quite small inside so in order to avoid that claustrophobic feel, you should probably choose a larger litter box for your cat.

Don’t use any chemical products while cleaning your automatic cat litter box; your cat is sensitive to strong odors and it might stop your cat from using the box.

If you’re on a budget, choose an automatic cat litter box that uses standard garbage bags instead of specialized containers. The Litter Robot automatic cleaning litter box is a great example.

As we mentioned above, choosing the right automatic cat litter box needs considering important elements; just follow our cat litter box tips and always keep in mind: a pleased cat makes a happy owner.


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