Pink feather dog beds


Are these designer dog beds fabulous or what? the Pink Feather Canopy Dog Bed is the perfect bed for every diva. It’s timeless, fashionable and luxuriously pink. This dog bed is an iron sleigh dog bed, decorated with pink and white Boa feathers which beautify and accentuate the bedding.

The soft and cozy bedding is a fluffy, posh, pink faux fur; just the bed every pampered princess needs. The sleeping cushion and bolster is zippered, removable and is machine washable with cold water and line dry. The feathers are not washable. Accommodates pets up to 25 pounds.


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16 thoughts on “Pink feather dog beds

  1. Diana

    Would like to know if the Pink feather dog beds is available?

    I would like to purchase 2 of them please?

    Le t me kno

    Thank you


  2. Tay

    How much does it cost? It is addorable and my little Teacup Yorkie would love it. Does it come in a smaller size? If it does e-mail me as soon as you find out…please!!!!!!!!

  3. Chev

    Hi i would like to know the price of the pink Feather bed,
    i am interested in buying one for Christmas.
    Please email me.

    Thank you

  4. admin

    I love this pet bed! Unfortunately, it is currently unavailable but I’ll be sure to let you know when it is back in stock!

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