Unique cat furniture Kittyloft


If you’re looking for unique furniture for your cat then check out the Kittyloft by furniture company Uhuru (Pronounced: oo-hoo-roo) Design Bill Hilgendorf and Maria Cristina Rueda.

Their cats, Athila and Miles, get their exercise on the Kittyloft, a wall-mounted cat path, which they arranged around half their living room and kitchen in their 850 sqft. home in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. This unique cat furniture is also carpeted so they can scratch to their hearts delight.


I love this idea, both decoratively cute and functional; it seems as if these small, yellow stairs go on and on …until kitty gets tired. If this piece of furniture was combined with a cozy cat window perch at the end, then kitty will have a place to rest before continuing down this cat runway.




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13 thoughts on “Unique cat furniture Kittyloft

  1. analisa van dyne

    Yes !!! where to order or where to buy it !!! I think that this is what my cat would like to have !!! please send me the information….thank you .

  2. Julie

    Yes, I’ve used the IKEA Lack “zig-zag” shelf (Google “IKEA zig zag shelf”) as a wall-mounted cat stairway up to my loft bed. They love it and it looks great!

  3. Teri

    How big is the wood boards used….1×4 1×6 I would like to build something like this for my cats….Did you attach the steps to the wall? Or was it to the floor and top of door frame? I love this idea…I have a built in shelf (alcove) over the closet door in my frontroom that I thought it would be cool to have steps to it for the cats to play on….thanks!

  4. karyn meier

    I am interested in buying a staircase for my cats. How can I purchase it? It is a wonderful product!

  5. Marisol Mercado

    I must have this item for my kittys. They need to climb and play. Please send me the plans or tell me where I may purchase this item. I am happy to pay.

    Thank you…

  6. Bruce Stark

    Arlene, I can build this for you. Cost would depend on size, as it would effect how much material will be required, and what type of material you would want. Painted, Oak, Cherry, Maple, etc…
    I build custom furniture and cabinets as a side business for self, friends and family. I am a small, “one man shop” so my over head is low. My hourly rates are $25/hr plus whatever material used.
    Photos available on request.

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