Universal Sports Bag Pet Carrier


The Universal Sports Bag (or USB) is a handy, airline approved carrier that makes traveling with your pet a whole lot easier – This is probably the most versatile bag I have ever seen.

Made from a hypo-allergenic, waterproof, UV-protected, padded heavy duty fabric, this incredible pet carrier features windows for view and ventilation that can be covered using Velcro pads when it’s cold outside, a safety leash and two short belts to be used as handles. And that’s not all…


These belts can be made longer to be used as shoulder straps, a backpack or to attach the bag to your car seats. Thanks to a separate connection kit, the USB bag can also be connected to a bike or a motorcycle. It is also a part of the Universal Sport Bag Pet Carrier Travel System, a complete set of bags combined with a wheeled trolley.


Ideal for small dogs and cats, it is also great for iguanas, ferrets, rabbits and more. Available in one size with a maximum weight capacity of 20 pounds. Dimensions: 15″L x 9″W x 13″H.


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