High Jump: Cat Bookcase Climber

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Most cats love to jump and climb onto household furniture and this attractive pet bookcase climber allows them to do just that and much more. This unique furniture item, made in conjunction with Sauder, the well known furniture manufacturer, is the perfect all-in-one unit for your cat or family of cats.

The bookcase climber has several adjoining sections that are accessible from one to the other, so that your cat can climb around the unit or rest or sleep on any of the sections which have upholstered cushions. There are also cupboards with shelves for storage and a privacy door for a cat bed and litter box.

The furniture is attractive, functional and is manufactured from wood veneer with walnut finish, making it very easy to clean and maintain. The climber is shipped ‘flat pack’ ready for simple assembly and it’s full size is: 52.5″ W x 18.75″ D x 53.75″ H.

This play furniture will offer many hours of fun and rest for any adventurous cat or family of cats, whilst at the same time, serves as a useful furniture item in your home.

By | September 8th, 2010

3 Responses to “High Jump: Cat Bookcase Climber”

  1. boo says:

    Unfortunately, at this point it’s not available at Sauder (the manufacturer) …

  2. Michelle says:

    I can’t find this anywhere for sale….any ideas?

  3. alice says:

    When I click to try and buy this and many other items it takes me to Amazon where it is not available…. how can I get these items?

Any thoughts?