LazyBonezz Cat Scratch Pad: Leaving a Mark


Along with the joy of having cats around the house there’s the constant fear from their scratches; whether they scratch the sofa, the wooden door or anything else in mind. That’s the reason Cat Scratch Pad by LazyBonezz is the answer to all fears.

The name of this product explains itself. It has solid wood with a high-gloss finish – available in White, Espresso and Ebony – stainless steel accents and a friendly scratching material with an angle for the pet’s comfort. All you have to do now is introduce this to your cat and leave it scratching its way as much as it wants.

Measuring 18 x 18 x 7 inches ; 13 pounds, it has a solid design, with coated bottoms to prevent scuffing. No need to assemble it is as simple as that.


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One thought on “LazyBonezz Cat Scratch Pad: Leaving a Mark

  1. Margie Lannum

    Where do you but the replacement pads for this scratch pad? I like it a lot but don’t want to pay that much and not be able to get replacement pads.

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