The Kitty Tube: Indoor Outdoor Cat House


Here is something completely fresh and new – The Kitty Tube – a fully insulated indoor outdoor cat house. The revolutionary Kitty Tube provides a safe, economical, and maintenance free shelter for cats.

Designed for either indoor or outdoor use, it is fully insulated to be cool in the summer and ultra warm in the winter. It includes a custom, machine washable pet bed for the floor, the built in lifting handles can be adjusted to supply full flow through ventilation for the summer, and closed for the winter, and it will also protect your cat from predators. This is literally your cat’s comfort zone.

The Kitty Tube is 24″ inside diameter and 23″ tall and it is large enough to accommodate up to 3 cats. This is indeed a revolutionary product as it allows you to provide your feline friends with a cozy shelter, either at home or outside in the yard.


The best part – whatever you do, your cat is comfortable, secure and protected. The Kitty Tube shell is guaranteed for life to never chip, crack, or fade. Everything you could be worried about has been addressed:
fully insulated: check;
comfortable and protected: check;
indoors/outdoors: check.



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