RoamEO Pet Monitor System: Piece of Mind


Almost every dog owner has been through this – the longest moments of fear when you realize your dog had disappeared. Whatever reason that may be, nobody wants to go through this again. No worries, the RoamEO Pet Monitor System will make sure you won’t.

This smart system allows you to locate your pet using a patented combination of satellite and radio signals. It’s an easy to use – no extra assembly required – system that consists of an adjustable collar for your pet, and a handheld receiver that monitors your pet’s movements and will guide you to it if desired. Ready straight from the box with batteries and a charger, this piece of equipment will give you peace of mind.

Dogs run around. This is what they do; it is part of their nature. As their owners we have no intention of depriving them of such a basic need, we simply want to know they are well and happy, just like we want to know that about our kids.


It’s about time someone thought of such a simple yet much needed pet tracking device. The whole idea behind the RoamEO is its simplicity, so you’d actually use it – you’ll be calm knowing where your dog is, and your dog will be more than happy – running around.




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