Rattan Cat Palace: Happily Ever After


Want to treat your cats? Check out this gorgeous Rattan Cat Palace – a uniquely designed wicker furniture that has everything it takes to make your cat feel like true royalty.

It has a soft bed and a fun playhouse with lots of space to sleep or hide in. This palace is not just for a single king or queen, it is multi-tiered, providing enough space for a few kitties to play and rest. It also has removable pillows which are machine washable, filled with microfiber with polyfill. I know for sure my cats could live here happily ever after.

Your cats are a part of your life, right? So there’s no reason why their furniture cannot take place in your home. Since their furniture are part of your house, they should be able to fit in just right.

The Rattan Cat Palace is crafted of genuine rattan woven willow frame, which gives it a unique touch that could blend easily with your home decor. Sized 26-1/2″L x 17-1/4″W x 25-1/2″H, this palace will bring your house a royal touch. This beautiful piece of furniture is also available as the Cat Tower, a two-tier cat bed, sized 24″L x 18″W x 19″H.




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2 thoughts on “Rattan Cat Palace: Happily Ever After

  1. Barb

    I am looking for a cat litter box cabinet. I love the wicker,rattan cat furnture. Would any of the rattan cat palaces be large enough to put a litter box inside with room for my cat to do her job? Rattan cat palace happily everafter Thank you;)

  2. Janice O'Grady

    Do you sell your items wholesale to on-line retailers?
    We are launching an upscale, online retail store geared towards the Sphynx Cat Breed and would love to offer the rattan bed.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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