Lula & Mio Jars: Keeping Pet Food Fresh


When we think about it, there’s no good reason to keep our pet’s food in the paper bag it usually comes in. First and foremost, it doesn’t keep the food fresh, despite all the nice tries. Second, it’s just not pretty on the eye, anywhere you put it. The Lula & Mio Jars will fix these two issues with a cute single item. Whether you own a dog or a cat or both, you’re all sorted.

The clear glass container holds up to 19.5 ounces of pet food. The food is kept fresh with the airtight thermoplastic resin lid. If you have a cat, you can choose Mio with the kitty handle on top, if you have a dog, choose Lula with the dog handle and if you have both – you’ll need two jars anyway. Your pet will be happier with fresh food to eat, and you’ll have a nice item to decorate your kitchen with.

Having your pet’s food stored in jars, makes you both feel it is part of the family. Once the food is at easy reach and much more accessible the whole experience of giving your pet its meal is fun and with no hassle. There’s not need to get the huge bag from the pantry, simply reach for the jar on the counter. Clean, simple, aesthetic, and homey.




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