pEi Pod: Hip homes for happy pets



pEi Pods are stylish, durable beds for the cool Kitty and trend-setting Pup. Inspired from a hatching egg, their elliptical shape is sleek and modern offering a cave-like sanctuary for your beloved pet. Apart from providing a safe and relaxing spot for your dog or cat, these beds will add a contemporary touch to any living space, almost like an item for display – Hip homes for happy pets.

Constructed from high density polyethylene, each bed can withstand up to 100kgs of weight pressure; the pillow is 100% washable {so no more excuses for not keeping it clean and fresh}; both pod and pillow are fully recyclable {how lovely}; and if you’re looking to reflect your personal style, you can also mix and match pods and pillow fabrics to get your pet home just right.

Available in lovely colors like Mint, Pink, and Soft Beige for pods; Pink and Yellow for cushions.
Small pEi suits dogs up to 10 lbs and cats up to 12 lbs, 1-2 pets;
Medium pEi is ideal for dogs up to 16 lbs and for cats up to 18 lbs, 1-3 pets.





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One thought on “pEi Pod: Hip homes for happy pets

  1. katrina snook

    i have a 3 lb maltese. i need a few beds for her that have a roof… i love some that are posted on your site. how can i order them???


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