Cat Tower Hideout: Catropolis!


I love cats and one of my biggest problems is that I always need to buy more and more beds for them, and for a lot of beds you’ll need a lot of room. That’s why I love the Cat Tower Hideout, offering a comfortable and decorative space, both for sleep and play, for our feline friends!

The Cat Tower Hideout looks like a stylish skyscraper with 6 levels of living space for your cats, and most importantly has a space-saving design which is perfect for people who live in small spaces. This piece of furniture can be mounted easily onto walls, with the included hardware, or even hang over a door frame. You can also fold it when not in use and store it away.

Cats usually tend to scratch stuff, but you don’t need to worry about your sofa because the Tower is made from durable and scratch-resistant denier nylon so your cats can scratch it all they want. When you think the time has come for cleaning the Tower, all you need to do is separate the removable shelves and wash them.

The size of the Cat Tower Hideout is: 22.50”W x 64”H x 12”D. So for all cat lovers out there, get yourself a Tower and let your cats live in their beautiful Catropolis.


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