Self-Warming Pet Crate Pads: Heartwarming gift


One of the biggest problems in winter time is the chilling cold that occupies our streets and houses; for us it’s quite simple to wear some sweater and hide beneath a cozy blanket, but what about our pets? I’ve found the perfect solution for that – The Self-Warming Crate Pads by K&H is like a heartwarming gift for our beloved cat and dog.

What makes this pad so perfect is that the heat from your pet enters the pillow and then it radiates the heat back to your pet and create a self warming cycle that keeps your dog or cat warm and dry; and because of this unique cycle you don’t need other pads that use electricity, which might harm your pet.

Another great feature is that the pad has slit corners, making it even more flexible in size, so you can easily put it inside different crates, baskets or even your pet’s bed. The Self-Warming Crate Pads are made from soft and cozy materials; the top of the pads are made from soft microfleece that provide extra comfort, and for safety and stability the bottom is made from a non-slip material.


And what about the cleaning of this pad you ask? Well it’s really simple, all you need to do is just toss it into the washer and it come out like new. These unique heating pads come in three different colors: Tan, Mocha and Gray so you can decide which one fits perfectly with your pet’s surroundings. Treat you pet with a gift of a heartwarming pad.
Come in 6 sizes: XS: 14″x22″; Small: 20″x25″; Medium: 21″x31″; Large: 25″x37″; XL: 32″x48″; XXL: 37″x54”.



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