Fresh & Clear Pet Drinking Fountain: Health Fountain


Keeping our pets healthy is one of the most important things that we need to take care of, and the basics are shelter, good food and unlimited supply of fresh water. But when you’re living with more than one pet at home you find yourself replacing dirty bowls of water every couple of hours, not to mention the spilling that leaves marks all over the floor. The Fresh and Clear Pet Drinking Fountain is the perfect way to keep your dogs and cats drinking perfectly clean and healthy water.

This pet fountain by Hagen, provides your pets with a continuous indoor source of fresh water; it also encourages your cat or dog to drink more water and by that prevent disease that can be made from crystal formation in their urinal system.


Unlike other water bowls that usually encounter with stagnant, stale water that can hurt our little furry friends, the Fresh and Clear Pet Drinking Fountain has a unique circulation system that provides fresh-tasting, healthy and cool water. The Drinking fountain also comes with a multi-stage filtration system that absorbs all kinds of water impurities and can be easily replaced when expired.

Another great feature is that the fountain is elevated, providing a better drinking position for your pets, especially when you got old pets or if they suffer from joints problem. This stylish drinking fountain comes in two different types: a lime colored fountain for cats and small dogs that can hold up to 100 fl oz, and a Powder Blue fountain for large dogs (but is still suitable for cats) and can hold up to 200 fl oz.



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