Cat Hammock and Scratcher: Enjoy the easy life


We all love our little furry friends, but it’s extremely annoying when they start scratching every piece of furniture we’ve got. I’ve searched all over the place for a good cat scratcher that will satisfy their needs, and then I found the Cat Easy Life Hammock and Scratcher. This fun item is really amazing all because it’s not just a scratcher but also a perfect place for taking an afternoon nap.

This stylish piece of cat furniture is built in a clever X design that can be folded when you want to move it or close it when it’s not in use.

Because it’s got an X shape and made from extra thick corrugate panels it’s also got lots of support for your cat when it decides to jump up for a nap. Another great feature is that if you got more than one cat they can scratch different sides and even one of them can sleep on top when the others are having fun.

The scratcher is very easy to assemble and you don’t need any of your power tools like in other cat furniture. It also has a fun, colorful design so you can put it wherever you want in your house and it will blend easily, plus it comes with catnip so Kitty can completely enjoy the easy life.



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One thought on “Cat Hammock and Scratcher: Enjoy the easy life

  1. oh2fl

    We have two cats, 7 and 10 lbs, that absolutely loved this. Unfortunately within a month it was broken down. My husband patched it because they loved it so much, but it is on its last leg. Sad to say they’re not real sturdy. If you have small cats or just one, it might work.

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