The Walloff dish is a fantastic solution for keeping your pet’s eating area nice and clean. Designed with the eating habits of pets in mind, the Walloff dish consists of a food bowl that is surrounded by a moat that collects all spillage. With the Walloff dish you won’t have to worry any more about food and water ending up on your floor after your cat or dog eat their dinner.

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American architect Paul Kweton had a rocking idea- to combine a traditional rocking chair with a pet house. His hybrid creation is called the Rocking-2-gether chair 2.1. As Kweton states: “The idea behind the design was to combine shelter and body relaxation and to push its functionality to a different, more personal level”. The execution is simply brilliant.

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June 5th, 2013

Cat Tree houses

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Shelley and Joe Delrocco from Florida couldn’t find a tree house that they liked so they designed one themselves. Their goal was to make a functional and aesthetic solution that would bring the outside – inside. Their creation was such a success that people started commissioning them to make tree houses and before they know it was their full time business.

The tree houses are unique in that they are made from real trees and when cats climb on them they enjoy the natural movement of the trees. This movement encourages the cats to jump around ensuring that they get the exercise they need. Another important advantage is that it draws their attention away from human furniture.

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It’s the latest ‘howl’ in dog fashion- coatery by New York designer Lyndsey Drago. Sophisticated and elegant, Drago’s Billy Wolf Fine K-9 dog clothing line combines classic American aesthetics with functional urban style. A veteran designer for Ralph Lauren and Timberland, Drago refocused her fashion expertise to create unique, high quality and ecological dog attire. All of the garments are handmade in the USA from vintage, deadstock or American made fabrics and are finished with salvaged buttons and handmade labels.

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