Chalet Dog House: and a Lamborghini in the driveway


If you are looking for a seriously classy looking abode for your stylish four legged best friend, you should check out the Chalet Dog House. It was designed in Italy (of course) by veteran luxury furniture company Chiavari. Chiavari recently decided to branch out and they established the FORMA Italia line – a line specializing in high-end designer furniture for pets. Chalet is an exquisite home for pooches that combines functionality and luxury. It has a beautiful solid wood exterior and an eye catching aluminum roof.

There is also an inner roof (made from plywood) that can be opened through a flap door in case your dog wants to see what is happening from up top. The external roof is covered with stainless steel, offering the best isolation from sun and rain. The feet and ramp up are also made from aluminum.


Chalet is available in three sizes- small L101 x W58 x H75 (cm), medium L111 x W68 x H88 (cm) and large L121 x W78 x H102 (cm). You can choose from two shades of wood for the exterior – one light and one dark. As a closing note you should be forewarned – should you choose to purchase the Chalet Dog House your dog might ask for a Lamborghini in the driveway.




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