Cat Shell Bed: stylish habitat for cats


Designed by Oppo, a Japanese company specializing in innovative creations for pets, the Cat Shell Bed is a stylish habitat for cats or small sized dogs. The shell shaped beds have smooth round contours and come in a soft white color. The Cat Shell bed has an inviting natural feel to it that compliments the decor of any home. Its simple and elegant styles ensure that it will seamlessly fit into any room in the house and add character to the space.

Depending on your needs, and the number of pets you have, you can order either one or two shells. With two shells, the beds can be connected and they form a beautifully shaped dome. Your four legged friend can enjoy hiding out in the dome and it also provides him or her with an increased sense of security. You can of course open up the dome and have two beds.


The size of each shell is 404 x 394 x 141mm (15.9 x 15.5 x 5.6″) and it weighs 300g (10.6 oz). They are made from Eco-friendly recycled pulp and have polyester fasteners. They are water-repellant and easy to clean and maintain.



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