Saltato & Intellato: modern cat furniture


Intellato & Saltato are exquisite pieces of furniture designed by Marina Sciarrino for Petsmood. Ms. Sciarrino is an Italian and French architect who draws inspiration from her bi-cultural roots. Her work is characterized by her intertwining of art, architecture and design as well as her high sensitivity to that way in which spaces are organized.

A fabulous example of her work is the Saltato piece (pictured above). It contains three trunks of varying sizes that give the impression of an imaginary forest. Cats can have a wonderful time playing and relaxing on the trunks while at the same time they add a unique design element to any space. The trunks come with removable, machine washable cushions.

The dimensions of the Saltato piece are: Small (diameter : 27 cm, height :46 cm, cushion :22 cm) Medium (diameter : 34 cm, height :71 cm, cushion :28 cm) Large (diameter : 41 cm, height :96 cm, cushion :34 cm). You can choose from several different color combination alternatives to get the exact look you want.


Another wonderful piece is the Intellato- a geometric bookcase that has a special place on the top for cats to lounge. The dimension of the Intellato piece are length 36 x width 36 x height 81 cm and it comes with a 30 x 30 cm cushion. It comes in three great color combinations to match the decor of any home. So if you are looking for luxury pet furniture that has a distinct designer touch, Petsmood offers a great selection.


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