Pet Field Tents: camping Dog House


The Pet Field Tent by American based Go! Pet Design is a totally original concept that offers your favorite four legged friend a ‘tent of their own’ to call home. Designed by Peter Pracilio, the handmade tent is created with the highest level of craftsmanship and manufactured in the USA. The tent is made from American shelter tent waxed cotton canvas. It is easy to construct which means that you can take it anywhere you travel with your dog (camping should be especially fun).

The tent comes with 6 wooden rods that provide the tent’s support. The rods are collapsable and fit into designated areas in the fabric. There are also hand-hammered brass grommets to secure the tent’s position. There is a sturdy floor that is sewn into the tent and a roll-up entrance door that can be kept open using two doorway ties.

The tent is 30” high and 32” wide. It comes with a handcrafted Muslin Stuff Sack for storage. You can put up the tent in your home or use it outdoors. Either way, the Pet Field Tent is bound to provide hours of quality sleep and relaxing time for your favorite pet.



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