Modern Cat Tower: Contoure


If you are looking for a an ‘out of the box’ cat tree – look no further. WhiskerStudio, a North California based design company, created the Contoure Cat Tower which completely redefines what a cat tree looks like. As the name implies, the Contoure has soft fluid curves that give it a distinct contemporary look. With a small footprint, it is ideal for small spaces or apartments.

This modern cat tree is made from Eco-friendly solid birch plywood with hand-painted walnut stain and varnish. Its dimensions are 22” x 68” x 26” and it weighs 35 pounds. It consists of two large ovals that have four 18”*10” carpeted platforms (which can be replaced). Cats can jump and play or just take a nap on their platform of choice.


There’s also provides a Do-It-Yourself version which consists of an unfinished birch model. This model allows you to paint and stain the Cat Tower in the exact colors that suit the decor of your home. So if you are looking to spoil your cat and give him or her a wonderful place to hang out and play, and at the same time you want a quality piece of contemporary furniture, the Contoure Cat Tower is a fantastic choice.



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