Modular Cat Condos: cats love boxes


If you have feisty and energetic cats that love to play, the Modular Cat Condos are a wonderful game that they can enjoy for hours each day. The Condos were designed by Catty Stacks who realized that cats love boxes (more than the gifts within them) and that it would be a great idea to make customized boxes that meet their needs. To this end, the Condos are made from Eco-friendly, industrial-strength Corrugated Ultraboard and are incredibly durable. They are so strong that even when cats scratch them, they don’t shred like other boxes.

What is great about the Condos is that you can stack them any way you like and this way you have a versatile game that the cats can rediscover over and over again. And to keep it all interesting, the boxes are available in five nifty colors- chocolate brown, pistachio green, sky blue, snow white, and ticked pink.


The dimensions of the Condos are 16″W x 16″D x 15″H and they have holes through which the cats can move. The side holes are 6.25″ in diameter and the top and bottom climbing holes are 5.5″ in diameter. You also have the option of ordering a box with large removable side openings of 10.5” in diameter. Each Condo weighs 2.5 lbs and is suitable for cats up to 20 pounds.



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