Stainless Steel Pet Scoop


A high quality pet scoop is a very good investment that will make your life as a pet owner a bit easier and a lot more efficient. The Stainless Steel Pet Scoop holds up to 12-oz of solids or 1.5 cups of liquid which means that you can easily and quickly serve large quantities of kibble and water.

It’s made from high quality stainless steel with matte finish and is significantly more durable (and stylish!) than other materials such as plastic. Another important advantage of stainless steel is that it is bacteria resistant- a very essential factor when dealing with your pet’s nutrition.

The spout of the Scoop was designed to reduce unwanted spillage. It is relatively large and as a result it effectively guides the content as it is poured out and helps it to more accurately make it into the designated pet bowl or the food bag. It’s also very easy to clean and since it is made from stainless steel it should last you for a very long time. The dimensions are 0.5 x 3.8 x 2.8 inches and it weighs 4.8 ounces.



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