PupSaver Safety Seat For Dogs


Dogs need car seats for the same reasons human beings do. In the event of a sudden stop or a collision, a loose dog can be easily injured and can also injure others. To protect your loved ones there is a simple and comfortable solution – the PupSaver Safety Seat For Dogs.

Endorsed by veterinarians, the PupSaver provides dogs with unparalleled impact protection. It has a large cushioned surface that shelters dogs during a collision and also protects them against deployed airbags. This kind of protection is not available with a harness.


The PupSaver is designed for dogs up to 30 lbs and is very easy to use. You secure it into place by putting your seatbelt through it and then further reinforce it using build-in clasps. Once in place, you attach the tether to your pet’s collar and you are ready to go.


The PupSaves fits all vehicles and you can use it on either the front or back seat and it can also double as a pet bed when traveling. It weighs only 4 lbs and has convenient handles that make it easy to carry, which means you can transfer it from one vehicle to another. It also has reflective handles that provide visibility in case of a nighttime accident.


The PupSaver is made from 100% polyester and its dimensions are L 24” W 20” H 21”. You can choose from three wonderful color schemes- Black and white , Leopard and Grey plaid.


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