Wall-Nut Pet Dish


The Wall-Nut Pet Dish, from Dripmodule, is a totally out- of- the-box design for a versatile bowl that pet owners are bound to enjoy for a very long time. It has a simplistic design that consists of two elements- a wall mount and stainless steel food bowls.

The wall mount is made from a single 1″ piece of Birch Plywood and is 15.25” long and 9.75” wide. It has 10 slots that are 1.1” apart and allow you to change the height of the food bowls depending on the needs of your pet.


A separate piece of 3/8″ Birch Plywood fits into the slots and forms a shelf. Two stainless steel bowls fit into the shelf. The bowls come in three appealing shapes- Twist, Eggy and Peanut. The Twist shape includes two bowls that are 7″ in diameter; the Eggy shape has of one bowl 5.5″ in diameter and another 7″ in diameter and the Peanut shape consists of two bowls 5.5″ in diameter. All bowls are dishwasher safe.


The Wall-Nut has an acrylic finish that is easy to clean and maintain. To match the decor of your home you can choose from four wonderful colors- Black Matte, White Gloss, Blue or Orange. The Wall-Nut weighs 5.38 lbs. and comes with an optional floor mounted accessory.



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