Kittyblock Cat Scratcher


The Kittyblock Scratcher is a wonderful invention that will provide your cat with hours of entertainment. It is made from corrugated fiberboard which your cat can lay on, scratch and play with. It has eight different scratching surfaces so when Kitty is done with one you can easily turn the block over. Also, once you change the angle of the block your pet gets a whole new game that can engage him or her for hours.

The Kittyblock is made in the USA and each block is cut by hand. As a result the size of each block may differ slightly but in general the outside dimensions of the block are 15″ cubed and the inside is 10″ x 10″ x 15″. Each Kittyblock weighs approximately 8 lbs and is very sturdy.


You can place them side by side or put one on top of the other for extra playing fun but for safety reasons you shouldn’t pile more than two. You also don’t have to worry about your pet chewing the Kittyblock since it is bound together with non-toxic starch-based adhesive.

Aside from its functionality, this cool cat scratcher has a modern clean design, and since it is made from paper you should avoid getting it wet, and if you need to clean it you can just vacuum it.




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