NeighBirds Bird Nest


Taking care of birds is a wonderful way of getting closer to nature. All year round you can enjoy watching them play and hearing them chirp away. The NeighBirds Nest is a great choice for a birdhouse. In 2013 it received the European Consumers Choice award which is given to companies for best design, innovation and ease of use. The NeighBirds meets all of these criteria.

Handmade from untreated pinewood, the birdhouse has a simple and elegant hexagon shape. The shape allows you to fit several birdhouses together in a single cluster. This way you can host as many birds as you would like.

The birdhouse also comes with a little detachable branch that provides the birds with an organic touch that is familiar to them. You can also remove the branch and place your own.


The birdhouse is Beige and its dimensions are .27” W 5.12” H 5.91”. It weighs 1.76 lbs and can be hanged on a branch, a structure, a hook or a wall. The birdhouse is very easy to install and depending on your preference you can place it on your porch or balcony or you can also place it in your garden or a simply out in nature.


Designers: Andreu Carulla Studio for Utoopic


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2 thoughts on “NeighBirds Bird Nest

  1. Sue

    Can you purchase JUST the strap to hang a bird feeder?

    Is the strap adjustable?



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