Pet Bambu Hammocks


If you are looking for a dog or cat bed that your pet will love to sleep in and that also has some extra chic to it that compliments the design of your home, then you should look into the Pet Bambu Hammocks. The Bambu Hammocks have a clean modern design that showcases the natural beauty of the bamboo and a simple elegance that makes it stand out.

The bamboo frame has an elevated sleeping surface with a polyester ultra-suede cushion. The cushion is machine washable and is available in 6 wonderful colors- Kiwi green, Tangerine Orange, Chestnut Brown, Passion Pink, Berry Blue and Graphite Gray.


There are two versions of the Hammock- I and II. The Hammock I comes with an X shaped frame and the Hammock II has a square shape base. The Hammock I is ideal for pets under 15 lbs. It weighs 7lbs. and its dimensions are 33”L x 26”W x 9”H and the dimensions of the cushion are 27”L x 21”W x 1½”H.


The Hammock II comes in two sizes- medium and large. The medium version is designed for pets up to 45 lbs and its dimensions are 35½”L x 26”W x 9”H with a cushion size of 36”L x 26”W x 1½”H and it weighs 10.5 lbs. The large version is ideal for pets up to 85 lbs. and its dimensions are 46”L x 34”W x 10½”H with a cushion size of 46½”L x 33”W x 1½”H and it weighs 17lbs.




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