iFetch Dog Toy: Go Get ’em


If your dog is like most dogs, he or she probably loves to play ‘go fetch’ with you. While it is always great fun at first, at a certain point most of us get tired and our disappointed furry friends need to wait until we are in the mood to play again. This is what happened to the family that invented iFetch. Their dog Prancer couldn’t get enough of the game so they decided to build a ‘go fetch’ toy for dogs.

Designed for small to medium sized dogs, iFetch shoots miniature tennis balls between 10 and 30 feet (you can adjust the settings). Best of all, iFetch turns itself on when the dog drops the ball in the hole and then shuts itself off once it launches the ball.

The iFetch runs on batteries or can be plugged into an outlet. It weighs 2.5 lbs with batteries and its measurements are 9″diameter x 8″ height. The system comes with a 40mm ball and 6 C Batteries or AC Adapter. So if you want to easily teach your dog to fetch and return and also provide him or her with hours of playing fun, the iFetch toy is a wonderful solution.



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