Whisker Stress Free Cat Bowl


Whisker Stress is a very common phenomena that affects cats, although unknown to many pet owners. Cat’s whiskers are very sensitive and if they move 1/2000th of the width of a human hair, a signal is triggered and sent to the cat’s brain. When a cat puts his or her head into a narrow and deep bowl in order to eat, the over stimulation that results from the constant touching of the whiskers with the sides of the bowl causes stress.

Signs that your pet suffers from Whisker Stress are if he or she just eats the food on the top of the bowl and doesn’t try to eat the food lower down, or if he or she takes the food out of the bowl and then eats it. A fantastic solution is the US-made Whisker Stress Free Cat Bowl.

The bowl is 5.25″ in diameter and 1.75″ deep which means that your cat can enjoy every bite of food without experiencing any discomfort. The bowl has a capacity of holding 1.6 cups of food and is made from beautiful white ceramic. It is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

Aside from its functionality, the cat bowl is has an exceptionally beautiful design as it sits on dark square feeder. The feeder is 8″ wide x 5.5″ deep x 4″ tall and made from BPA free plastic. The bowl is water resistant, rot resistant and easy to clean.


Photography courtesy of Trendy Pet.


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2 thoughts on “Whisker Stress Free Cat Bowl

  1. Kimberley Mouser

    Please may i get the price for this bowl plus a spare plate, I live in Elizabeth Downs South Australia 5113

  2. Beverley Thoms

    Is the US-made Whisker Stress Free Cat Bowl able to stop ants getting into the food?
    It looks so beautiful but I need a product that can stop ants.
    Thank You
    Beverley Thoms

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