Clickit Safety Harness: seat belt for you dog


As a responsible pet owner, you should consider investing in a ‘seat belt’ for you dog. Tragically, every year, thousands of dogs are seriously injured and even die from being loose in a car during a collision or from jumping out of the window. During a sudden stop or in an accident an unsecured dog becomes like a missile- which is extremely dangerous for the dog and for other passengers as well.

The good news is that securing your dog in the car has never been easier. With the Clickit Utility Harness you can quickly buckle in your pet and enjoy the ride.

The Harness consist padded vest with straps to secure your dog’s upper torso and belts to anchor his or her lower torso. The Clickit Utility is unique in that it has three-points of attachment which means that in the event of a frontal collision, the dog remains securely in the harness and the energy of the impact is absorbed by the harness (which is not the case with a one point dog safety harness).

Designed by Sleepypod, the Clickit Utility is made from ballistic nylon and strength rated hardware and webbing and comes in four different sizes- large 53—60in, medium 45—52in, small 37—44in and extra small 31—36in.

It can be used in the back seat or cargo area of the car and also comes with a d-ring that allows it to be used as a walking harness. And to appeal to your fashion sense, the Harness comes in three beautiful colors- orange, red and black.



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