How’s Your Dog Snakeskin Collar: bling!


If you and your pet love to accessorize then the How’s Your Dog Snakeskin Collar Collection is a must have. With the Snakeskin Collar the name of your cat or dog is written in bold letters using Swarovski crystals and can’t be missed. The collar is made from stylish imitation snake skin and is available in seven fabulous colors- white, red, metallic silver, black, metallic gold, pink and blue.

On top of the collar you can have your pet’s name, initials, nick-name or any other details written in super sparking Swarovski crystal letters. The letters are attached onto the collar using a separate strap which makes sure that they are as visible as possible. You get the first 6 letters for free and there are many adorable charms to choose from as well.


The Snakeskin Collar is 3/4″ wide and has an adjustment range of 8″-11″. The Collar was designed for decorative use only and you cannot attach a leash to it (for this reason the collar doesn’t come with a D-ring). With the How’s Your Dog Snakeskin Collar your pet is bound to turn some heads the next time he or she goes out for a walk in the neighborhood.



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