Floral Vine Etched Hummingbird Feeder: So Beautiful


Some things are just so pretty, words just can’t describe. Some items could reflect beautifully their purpose just with their design, like the Floral Vine Etched Hummingbird Feeder.

Hummingbirds are small, gentle, beautiful birds. These decorative bird feeders are especially designed for these tiny, vulnerable birds, reflecting their beauty and grace in their delicate design. Crafted from recycled glass by Artisans in Mexico, each mouth-blown glass gets its character from an etched design of vines and hummingbirds – so beautiful. Continue reading


Beehive Bird Seed Feeder: Handmade


Not too many times, us humans can be proud of something that we’ve done, all by ourselves, which is beneficial and good for our friends – the animals. The Beehive Bird Seed Feeder qualifies with flying colors as an item to be proud of. With a unique harmony between functionality and form, this decorative bird feeder brings with it an added value of originality. Continue reading


Hanging Leaf Birdbath: Sparkle Blue


Every once in a while you come across something so beautiful which leaves such a deep impression, you know you have to have it. This decorative, hanging birdbath is exactly that.

It’s constructed in clay with a wonderful combination of blue-teal glazes and an etched leaf pattern. With a reinforced steel cable hanger, the bath is as functional as it is beautiful, bringing a magical touch and inspiring ambiance to your porch. Continue reading


Looker Heated Bird Bath: Hot Spot


When the weather is getting colder, the need to take care of our birds is even more urgent. And the fact that it is snowing outside is even more challenging. This beautiful Heated Bird Bath, from Looker, will help us take care of our birds even when it’s freezing cold outside.

It features a lovely double ring, made of western red cedar, a hollow post to hide an electric cord, hardware, and 4 hold down stakes. It has a 60 watt thermostatically controlled and insulated foil heating element that is safely enclosed and sealed. Well, you can definitely be assured your birds will have a hot spot in the middle of winter. Continue reading


Chestnut Fence Rail Birdhouse: An Oldie But Goodie


The magic of the past is something we rarely grasp, whether we’re trying to revive old furniture or simply feel like good old times. This decorative wooden birdhouse is a good old time item that will bring a rustic vibe to your backyard.

Nowadays, these old split rail fences are abandoned or removed; much of the wood is reclaimed for contemporary uses. This birdhouse is crafted from triangular segments of antique chestnut railings, hollowed out and provided with a 1.25″ opening. The face has three screws, allowing it to be removed for easy cleaning after the birds have long gone. It includes a twig perch and 6″ chain for hanging. By all means, this is good old fashion style. Continue reading


Hanging Bath & Bird Feeder Set: Copper Spirals


Some things are so special, where they take a functional item and turn it into an elegantly designed piece. This is exactly what the Copper Spirals Bird Set is really about – a decorative item under the cover of a bath and bird feeder set. This is something you don’t see everyday and you’d want to have it in your own backyard simply for decoration. Continue reading


Nido Bird Feeder: Time to Feast


When it comes to bird feeders, you want to keep it as attractive as possible and with minimum mess. Blomus Bird Feeders, Nido and Half Moon, will make sure these two goals are met. These well designed bird feeders make not only a smart, elegant feature to your backyard, but also serve as comfortable, minimal mess zone for the birds to eat.

The Half Moon could be hung from a tree or deck, or perhaps planted in the ground with the accompanying stake, anywhere you put it – it’ll stand out and invite the birds to dine. Made from stainless steel, it ensures you lifetime free from rust. The birds will be the happiest as they can be with these bird feeders, every meal will be a celebration, a time to feast. Continue reading


droog Birdhouse Bird Feeder: Coming Home


Birds are special pets. We cannot really pet them, walk them or play with them, but we can most definitely enjoy them. The Droog Birdhouse is a unique item designed to give our birds no less than the very best. Designed by Marcel Wanders, this birdhouse is actually a hanging bird feeder with a porcelain plate as the base and a red roof on top, allowing your birds to fly in and enjoy a cozy place to dine, or better yet, come back home. Continue reading


Fuera Bird Feeder & Bath: Central Station


Check out the Fuera bird feeder and birdbath by Blomus – A beautiful item to serve your feathered friends all year long. During winter this will serve as a regular feeder as the stainless steel top protects the food from rain and snow; during summer it could serve as a beautiful bird bath and a source for a cool drink of water. The stylish Fuera will turn your backyard into an oasis of songbirds coming to visit, filling the air with their joyous singing – a central station for birds. Continue reading


All Weather Bird Feeder: Meal Time, Anytime.


We tend to take for granted so many things – we forget how lucky we are at the warmth of our home in a freezing winter day, we feel safe and protected, cozy and warm, with food on our plate and a roof over our heads. Wild birds don’t have that luxury. Having said that, wouldn’t all of us want to know that we can help wild birds and enjoy their gorgeous beauty, even during the freezing cold winter time?

When I saw the All Weather Bird Feeder I knew this is a keeper. This is a 6 quart clear feeder that is also the first weatherproof bird feeder. Through rain, snow, sleet and ice, this beautiful bird feeder delivers the seed – DRY!! Continue reading


Windamere Birdfeeder: Hanging Out, Feeding Good


I love birds. There is something elegant in the way they are up there, flying above us, choosing when to come down. Many times I’ve wondered what’s the view from up there… If we could only ask them what would they say abut us, humans? It’s been a while now, that I’ve been looking for a way to attract wild birds into my garden, just to feed them and enjoy their beauty. Scattering bird seeds seemed messy and awkward, however when I spotted the charming Windamere hanging bird feeder, I knew I found exactly what I was looking for. Continue reading


Wingscapes BirdCam: Catch Nature at Its Very Best


Birds are amazing creatures. We could all agree that with birds it seems that nature had outdone itself. The glorious colors, the elegant flying – it says it all, they are up there and they look magnificent. We could only wish we could catch a glimpse of this beauty, let ourselves admire them from a closer look. Continue reading


Solar Birdhouses With Windchimes


Check out this unique birdhouse set, isn’t it adorable? It consists of 3 beautiful bird houses, that are amazingly detailed and decorated with delicate wind chimes that rotate using solar power. Create a country cottage feel in your garden and hang them outside in your patio or simply suspend them from trees in your favorite spot in the garden, and enjoy the chime of soothing tranquility. I’m sure your feathered friends will appreciate this lovely nesting place garden decor. Continue reading


Fairy Window Bird Feeder


This unique bird feeder from Plow & Hearth will capture the heart of every romantic soul and fairytale lover. I simply love the enchanting little fairy peeking out the window, inviting birds to feast at her unique feeder. Continue reading