Decorative Cat Hut: It’s getting hut in here!


Sometimes we wish someone will come up with a design that gives our cat the luxury feeling of a hotel room, just like we all love. I can say without a doubt that the Decorative Cat Hut is the perfect solution for that!

With stylish espresso color faux leather decorated with perfect stitching, you could easily mistake it for a real high class bed. And if you have a group of cats you can easily create hut stacks so your cats can play with each other and you can save up on space. Continue reading


Princess Palace & Kings Kastle: Just like in the furrytales


We all want to make our pets feel like they are the most precious thing in the world. Sometimes it’s premium food, a new toy or even a new shampoo to make them smell divine. But what about making them feel like a real royal family member? The Princess Palace & Kings Kastle is one of the best ways to make it happen!

These adorable pet houses are available in two different colors: Pink for our spoiled princess, or Blue for our brave king! So if you want to bring joy and happiness to your dog or cat get them one of these forts, and don’t forget to put a sign on the door saying: …and they lived happily ever after. Continue reading


Cat Tower Hideout: Catropolis!


I love cats and one of my biggest problems is that I always need to buy more and more beds for them, and for a lot of beds you’ll need a lot of room. That’s why I love the Cat Tower Hideout, offering a comfortable and decorative space, both for sleep and play, for our feline friends! Continue reading


pEi Pod: Hip homes for happy pets



pEi Pods are stylish, durable beds for the cool Kitty and trend-setting Pup. Inspired from a hatching egg, their elliptical shape is sleek and modern offering a cave-like sanctuary for your beloved pet. Apart from providing a safe and relaxing spot for your dog or cat, these beds will add a contemporary touch to any living space, almost like an item for display – Hip homes for happy pets. Continue reading


Sojos Dog/Cat Treats: A Matter of Taste


Industrial processed food affects not only us, humans, but also our pets. Sojos Pet Treats is an excellent way to treat your dog or cat with some quality super-food. These treats are made with wholesome, all-natural ingredients, corn and wheat free and your pet can choose from various tasty flavors, like beef stew, lamb & sweet potato, peanut butter & jelly, and more. Continue reading


Deluxe Leopard Thermo-Kitty Bed: all day and night


We all like to cuddle on a cold winter’s night, and so do our pets. There’s nothing more pampering for your beloved cat than a cozy warm bed. The Deluxe Leopard Thermo-Kitty Bed is exactly what you’re looking for to spoil your little kitty and let it enjoy the best bed a cat can have.

This lovely heated cat bed has a dual thermostat, 4 watt heating unit buried within its thick premium polyfil pillow base. It warms the surface 10-15 degrees above ambient air temperature when not in use. When your pet lies in the bed it warms to your pet’s normal body temperature to keep them warm all day and night. Continue reading


Cat Litter Locker: Odorless


As much as we love our cats, cleaning their litter box is not the most pleasurable task of the day, to say the least. That’s why every cat owner should have the Litter Locker – to make the most unpleasant task, easy and quick to deal with.

So how does it work? Simply open the lid and scoop in the soiled litter, close the lid and pull the handle; release the handle to lock in odors and bacteria. As simple as that. Continue reading


Decorative Cat Pod: The ideal Rest Spot


Some things will swipe you off your feet as they are so adorable and heart capturing. The Decorative Cat Pod is one of those items – a pet bed that is so darn cute and adorable. It’s constructed of a durable steel frame wrapped in a tasteful medium brown resin Rhino Wicker for years of enjoyment and durability. Finally your cat will have the ideal rest spot. Continue reading


Elegance & Dolly Houses: Sleep Like Royalty


I’m sure none of us would mind sleeping comfortably in a luxurious, king size bed, and our pets are no different. Check out the Elegance and Dolly Houses, from Puppia.

These beds are gorgeous with their crest design that gives them a true royal touch – Perfect for your cat or small dog. Oh, and did I forget to mention the adorable bone shaped toy that comes with it… Continue reading


Tiger Dreamz Luxury Trundle Bed: Furrrr your pet


What would you like most for your pet? A sleeping bag? A flat mat? A cup nest? Well, here’s a great Christmas treat for your cat or dog – with the luxurious Tiger Dreamz Trundle Bed you can have it all in one product.

This gorgeous bed mimics the feel, beauty and softness of real fur, which is exactly why your pets will adore it, falling into a cuddly sleep wherever you place it. Anywhere you take it, you can be assured your pet will be warm and comfortable. Whether you use it as a pet lounging mat, a crate mat or a nest bed, this will soon become a must have item in every pet-lover’s house. Continue reading


Kitty Cave: a magical cave your cat will crave


Cats like it hot. Whether it is the engine cover of your car, inside your warm bed or anywhere else – they love to cuddle in a warm, safe place. The Thermo Kitty Cave will keep their bed nice and warm, soft and inviting, while the cave design will provide the perfect hide-out.

This stylish cat bed is available with a 4 watt heater and as a regular non-heated bed. The design is the same, with a removable cushion for easy wash and care, an attractive micro suede on the outside and super soft fleece on the inside – your cat will never want to leave. Continue reading


Rattan Cat Palace: Happily Ever After


Want to treat your cats? Check out this gorgeous Rattan Cat Palace – a uniquely designed wicker furniture that has everything it takes to make your cat feel like true royalty.

It has a soft bed and a fun playhouse with lots of space to sleep or hide in. This palace is not just for a single king or queen, it is multi-tiered, providing enough space for a few kitties to play and rest. It also has removable pillows which are machine washable, filled with microfiber with polyfill. I know for sure my cats could live here happily ever after. Continue reading


Hooded Pet Bed: There’s a New Bed in the Hood


Looking for a cool place for your pet to rest? Look no further as you have exactly what you’re looking for with this Hooded Pet Bed. Perfect for cats and small dogs, this bed is a cool, refreshing piece of furniture that will have your pets running for a nap. This cozy lounger has a soft hood for those who seek a little privacy, offering an ideal spot for your pet to snuggle in. Stay clear, everybody – there’s a new bed in the hood. Continue reading


Fundle Ultimate Pet Sling: Close To Your Heart


Well, you want your little furry friend as close to you as possible, and it’s only natural when you’re out on the town to keep it safe and protected. The Ultimate Pet Sling, from Fundle, will do just that. This stylish carrier is a combination of a messenger bag and a pet sling – perfect for small dogs and cats. Continue reading