Nature Nap Pet Beds: Lying Down, Chilling Out


A good sleep is crucial for all living creatures. Well, most of them… We do know that a good sleep is essential for our dogs and cats, that’s only one of many reasons to pamper them with the Nature Nap beds. The designed fabric has a poly-knit backing that interlocks the fibers to add strength without sacrificing softness. Thick recycled poly batting is sewn inside for extra comfort and top-stitching eliminates bunching, while creating a raised edge for added support; it is machine washable and it comes in earth tone colors to blend perfectly with any home decor. Now all your pet has to do is lay down and chill out. Continue reading


TownHaus Litter Box Cabinet: Your Cat’s Bestroom


Sometimes a litter box is just a simple box – meaning, there’s a limited range for you to toy around and play with this item; however the TownHaus succeeded in taking this item to the top, by presenting the very best you can and should have for your cat litter box. This versatile litter box cabinet blends smoothly into any home decor, while giving your cat the perfect place to hide out. Handcrafted from solid wood, the TownHaus is a durable yet classic looking piece of pet furniture your cat can use for years to come. Continue reading


Deluxe Double Cat Perch: Resting & Nesting


The Deluxe Double Cat Perch is a great piece of furniture for a family of cats. Not only it has multi usage for resting and playing, but it could also serve as a decorative item in the house with its elegant stylish design, combining fine wood work with suede. The lounging areas are big enough even for the largest cat – 20 in. x 13 in, and on top of everything else, this set also comes with a scratching surface to keep your cat happy and content. The perfect place for your cats to hang out – resting and nesting. Continue reading


Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed: As Good As It Gets


The Thermo-Kitty heated Bed is what any cat dreams of – a cozy, soft surface to sleep on, that warms up to 15° above the air temperature for a cozy warmth. The 4-watt warming pad is integrated into the plush cushion and relieves pressure on your cat’s bones and joints. Heck, this is something we all dream about too… Continue reading


Leap and Sleep Cat Tree: Come Up for a Nap


The Leap and Sleep Cat Tree is the ultimate solution for cat owners. This is a unique, portable piece of furniture with multi-level platforms and plush synthetic fur beds, providing your cat with ideal lounging and landing places. The attractive mahogany finish blends well with any decor and the sisal-wrapped cross members provide secure climbing as well as scratching surfaces. Your cat could literally jump and come up for a nap. Continue reading


Warming Kitty Den: It’s Time for a Warm-Up


The Warming Kitty Den is probable the best way for you to create the most inviting place for your cat. This unique heated bed warms the sleep surface to approx. 10-15 degrees above the ambient air temperature, providing your pet with a cozy warmth. The 4-watt warming pad is integrated into the plush cushion, overstuffed with furniture-grade poly fill, your cat can play inside or on the roof and it folds flat for easy storage. It is 120V with a 6-ft. cord – it is definitely time for a warm-up. Continue reading


Purrrfect Home Cat Bed: Here Kitty Kitty


There are only few things, for each one of us, which we can’t resist because they are so cute and adorable. This is what I felt when I first saw the Purrrfect Home cat bed. Don’t get me wrong, this is not only cute, this is also an elegant crafted wicker, designed for your cat but also puts great deal of thought for the outside display. Continue reading


Designer Catbox Cabinet: Private Piece


For cat owners the litter box is always an issue. Where should we put it? Is it safe enough there? Is it far away enough from any other visitors, (a.k.a.: dogs and kids)? When I discovered the Designer Catbox litter box cabinet, I thought to myself that I found the answer to all my worries. It’s the perfect solution for both me and my cat. Continue reading


Scratch ‘n Shapes: Imperial Cat Scratchers


Here is a fact of life – A cat needs to scratch. It is as simple as that. It’s part of their nature, their needs and keeps their claws honed. The only thing is that most of the time we’re dreading their scratches and doing our utmost to stop them from scratching our furniture.

The Imperial Cat Animal Scratch N’ Shapes is a perfect solution for your needs. It provides your cat with a natural scratching surface to keep its claws honed and healthy – made from 30% recycled material, 100% recyclable – and it includes one bag of certified organic cat nip. Continue reading


CatMouse Natural Deodorizer: When Nature Calls


We love our cats. They are adorable and cute. This doesn’t take out some unpleasant odors that follow around their special litter box. Opening a window is not always an option, especially in winter time, and it’s a shame to have an area in the house which makes you very uncomfortable, especially when it comes to small spaces… The CatMouse is the perfect solution for this issue. Continue reading


LazyBonezz Cat Scratch Pad: Leaving a Mark


Along with the joy of having cats around the house there’s the constant fear from their scratches; whether they scratch the sofa, the wooden door or anything else in mind. That’s the reason Cat Scratch Pad by LazyBonezz is the answer to all fears. Continue reading


Paus Pet Bench: Pet Perfect


This cottage-style bench by Sauder, addresses all needs you and your cat might have, with a unique all in one piece of furniture, perfectly designed for a cat or a family of cats. It features a water resistant painted fiberboard and a comfortable size to fit in your house: 26.5” H x 48” W x 14.5” D, a tufted cushioned bench seat for your cat to nap comfortably, a hidden litter area with privacy door, and storage shelves for all your pet supplies. Continue reading


Under Cover: KattySaks Litter Box Cover


‘KattySaks’ have excelled themselves with the selection of designs for their litter tray covers that take away the eyesore of that “necessary” box in your home. This ingenious concept is definitely something to talk about when your friends come to visit. Continue reading


High Jump: Cat Bookcase Climber


Most cats love to jump and climb onto household furniture and this attractive pet bookcase climber allows them to do just that and much more. This unique furniture item, made in conjunction with Sauder, the well known furniture manufacturer, is the perfect all-in-one unit for your cat or family of cats. Continue reading