Looking for a cool place for your pet to rest? Look no further as you have exactly what you’re looking for with this Hooded Pet Bed. Perfect for cats and small dogs, this bed is a cool, refreshing piece of furniture that will have your pets running for a nap. This cozy lounger has a soft hood for those who seek a little privacy, offering an ideal spot for your pet to snuggle in. Stay clear, everybody – there’s a new bed in the hood.

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Let’s be honest – our pets are living the dream. Who wouldn’t want to chill out or play all day long? Well, at least someone gets to do what they want.

With the EverSoft Pet Bed your pet could do it in the most comfortable way it could ever dream of. Over 12 inches thick, this bed gives your dog a sinkable soft place to sleep – It’s not called Ultraplush for nothing! This gorgeous bed is the ultimate gift you could give your dog. Something that says how much you love – just as much as it loves you. In thickness and in wealth.

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The Refined Canine’s Igloo Pet Bed is gorgeous! It’s made of natural rattan and stained espresso, with a 25″ diameter, 20″ height, and contains a soft machine washable cushion, perfect for a comfortable doggie nap.

This is a multi functional piece of furniture, serving both as a pet bed and an interesting side table. Now here’s one more twist to this fabulous item – it can be used indoors and outdoors, so you can enjoy it in your living room and outside on the deck. And how can we ignore the shape of this stylish pet bed – it’s round almost like a cocoon – perfect for snuggling, yet feels secured and airy.

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The sun is out, the sky is blue and all you want to do is chill out on the porch and enjoy this sunny day. Why not treat your precious dog with a bit of shade and comfort, right by your side.

The Outdoor Chaise Lounger is a stylish lounge bed for your pet. It’s both comfortable and elegant, looking great on your deck with its shell-like structure – this is a win-win for all sides. This luxury dog bed is made of waterproof poly rattan material and includes a comfortable, 6″ thick, outdoor cushion. You can enjoy your time in the sun while your dog relaxes in the shade. Nothing shady here, no catch, just a place to chill out and rest.

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Wow, this wicker bed is simply beautiful!
Our pets love to enjoy the outdoors just as much as we do, so if we want to chill out outside and take it easy, you can be sure they want that too. This elegant, outdoor pet bed will make sure they’ll have the best time chilling out with you.

The sturdy oval shape and densely cushioned base and bolster are just as comfortable as your pet’s indoor bed, and all-weather durable with its bronze all-weather resin wicker. Classic weave conceals the sturdy aluminum frame; an elevated design keeps dogs off the ground and away from dirt, water and insects. This is indeed the best place for your dog to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun.

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The fact that we want to allow our dogs to enjoy a pleasant nap and a comfortable sleep, doesn’t mean we need to compromise on style. The Refined Canine’s Wicker Dog Day Bed is the perfect solution to keep everyone happy.

This indoor/outdoor pet bed is a wonderful option to play with. It’s made of waterproof poly rattan material and includes a comfortable, tufted outdoor cushion. Its raised platform prevents the cushion from getting water logged on rainy days. This beautiful natural rattan dog bed will complement both traditional and modern home decor. No matter what you choose, you can be assured your dog will have the perfect place to rest.

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Our kittens need a place to play and sleep, so why not combine the two together? Bootsie’s Bunk Bed and Playroom is the perfect solution for cat owners. Not only is it gorgeous and adorable, but also functional for both you and your cat.

This sturdy wood structure serves as a fully functional playhouse. The Velcro perimeter on the underside of the sisal covering attaches firmly in place and the whole unit then slides easily onto the playroom frame. That’s not all, The handy roof accessory provides Kitty with yet another healthy and popular feline activity – scratching. This setup has got it all – Welcome to the world of Bootsie.

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We all need our own space, somewhere that is just for us, no visitors allowed, this is our own little Garden of Eden. Believe it or not – your pet needs it as well. The Hide A Dog Box bed is its own little hiding place, literally. It can be converted into a bed or a crate with the included removable plastic door, which is completed with air holes.

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Our pets, just as we do, need and want a descent place to sleep on. Therefore, if you want to provide your pet with a good night sleep, you should get the Outlast Dog Bed Sleep System. This is not just another dog bed, this is a whole sleeping system, that provides excellent support for dogs of all ages including older or arthritic dogs.

This extremely comfortable dog bed is constructed of extra thick, high density 3 – 5 inch convoluted foam for the utmost support and comfort. It’s designed to manage heat and moisture using special technology, and includes Odor Adios which is an odor eliminating proprietary fabric insert that is machine washable. The removable, machine washable cover is made of luxury micro suede with accent cord piping. All your dog needs to do is lie down, spread out and… sleep.

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June 13th, 2011

Snoozer Luxury SUV Pad: Fun at the Back

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Well, if you are one of those people that aren’t too happy taking their dog out in the car, this great SUV pad will definitely convince you otherwise.

With waterproof non-skid backing it protects your vehicle from pet hair and spills, so you can be rest assured that your vehicle’s interior is well protected. The microfiber fabric makes a luxurious surface, and the stuffed bolsters provide a comfortable resting spot. Most importantly, the cover is machine washable, making it easy to clean. Everyone knows that the ones who sit in the back have the most fun, right?

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It’s a common known fact nowadays, that a good sleep is essential for our health. Pets are no different – they need their quality sleep too. The Eco Drop beds are designed specially for pets, giving them the best sleep there is. A thick cushion of 100% recycled IntelliLoft fill is enveloped by 85% recycled fabric; perched high off the ground, this cloud of a pet bed is a soft sanctuary for pets that can nest in folds of soft, fleecy fabric. With this bed you can be assured that your dog or cat gets a decent nap, its very own beauty sleep.

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This beautiful collection of quilted pet beds is a unique item that will create a home inside your house. Not just a home for your pet, but also a feeling of home for everyone else. A quilt is an institution, a tradition, a story to be told – the beautiful part is that it will serve both you and your pet.

These hand-crafted patchwork beds feature detailed embroidery embellishments and are made from a poly-cotton blend. The high-loft polyester fiber fill makes these beds comfy and soft for your dog or cat to catch a good nap while the dried cedars shavings help repel pesky insects. It feels right to have this kind of bed for your pet. It feels like home.

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March 28th, 2011

SnuggleSafe Pet Heating Pad: Hot Spot

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Here’s a real treat for both you and your pet. The SnuggleSafe Pet Heating Pad will bring you enjoy, seeing just how much your pet loves it. This is a very simple and effective way to treat your cat, dog or even rabbit – put it in the microwave for 5 minutes (depends on the power of your microwave), and when its done place the SnuggleSafe under your pet bedding or blanket.

The non-toxic, environmentally friendly Thermapol compound inside the pad retains heat for up to 12 hours; with its long lasting warmth, all your pet has to do right now is lay down and cuddle – this is their hot spot.

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It’s time your dog will get comfy with this great Bumper Bed by West Paw. This eco-friendly dog bed is organic, free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which is perfect for pups with allergies, skin sensitivities, or orthopedic problems. It has a removable organic cotton cover and cushioned with 100% recycled IntelliLoft – formerly plastic soda bottles saved from landfills, comprised of 100% post-consumer recycled and re-engineered fiber fill – it recycles 28/6 bottles. So not only you’re saving the environment, you’re also making sure your dog has the best place to crash and get a descent nap.

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