September 30th, 2009

Tuckered Out Dog Beds

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These comfortable dog beds are part of the ‘Tuckered Out’ collection by West Paw, the same guys who brought us the Eco Nap. They feature a rounded bolster for added support and an open front to allow for easy access – The perfect orthopedic choice for both older dogs, new born puppies and everyone in between.

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This fancy bed is perfect for any princess! Whether a dog or a cat, your pampered pet will adore this mini chaise, where they can lounge in luxury on a raised bed while keeping an eye on everything that’s going on around the castle …Ahem, house.

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September 22nd, 2009

Cute Pet Cribs

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With white-washed wooden frame with hints of baby pinks and blues, a matching bedding set and a spare pillow for extra comfort, these cute cribs will make perfect pet beds for your beloved cat or dog.

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August 24th, 2009

Boat Dog Bed

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For the sea-loving dog and owner, this lovely, designer pet bed comes with a beautiful original boat design, providing you with a whimsical, nautical decor for your home while your beloved dog can comfortably rest his head and dream about salty seashells, soft sand and a sunny day at the beach.

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I love this adorable two bed set – one for Kitty and one for Fido – they will complete your home decor with their country style and shabby-chic checkered design, while your cat or dog will feel very cozy, warm and protected all snuggled within.

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No stylish dog, cat or owner could resist these gorgeous, ‘haute couture’ fashion brand beds! Whether Chewy Vuiton, Sniffany or Chewnel #5, these whimsical famous spoofs from ‘Haute Diggity Dog’ are simply perfect for the fashionista, pampering-loving pet.

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July 22nd, 2009

Deluxe Window Chaise Perch

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Here’s a luxurious window spot for your cat to lounge and safely view the outdoors; a comfortable perch that will fit perfectly with Kitty’s realm and add a unique style to your decor.

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July 14th, 2009

Crypton Pet Beds

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Getting them out of your bed and into theirs just got a little bit easier, with the William Wegman collection for Crypton Fabrics. These beds provide your pet with a fun, comfortable place with softly textured fabrics that will have your dog dreaming in no time.

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This is the perfect bed if you’re looking to pamper your favorite dog or cat. It’s a luxury designer canopy bed that will give your pet the feeling of security and style.

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This Fido Fleece Cloud dog bed, from Premier, has the most adorable, colorful flower pattern and spring-like pink color. Featuring cup-shaped poly-filled bolsters, combined with a super cushiony center pillow, this bed offers the ultimate in comfort for your dog – feels like sleeping on a cloud.

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The Sof-Bed is a stylish, raised dog bed offering your pet a place to relax comfortably whether indoors or outdoors. It’s also an ideal travel bed, highly portable and easy to take almost anywhere while traveling with your dog.

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This pink, designer bed comes with ultra-soft swirl plush and suede fabrics so your pet will feel ever-so-comfortable, as well as a 6” deep nestling space, making it ever-so-cozy and fun – Perfect for cats and small dogs.

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May 21st, 2009

Catnip Cuddy Cat Bed

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The Catnip Cuddy is a two-way, convertible bed, which offers a secret hideaway as well as a cozy sleeper – Your cat will fancy spending all day long snuggled in this bed while napping the day away.

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The fabric of this pet bed is made from 85% recycled soda pop bottles – I kid you not! The Eco Nap is an earth-friendly bed and it has the most fabulous, super soft feel that your dog will love.

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