duncraft Ground Tray Feeder: Eco -and bird- friendly


Having a bird feeder on your porch or in your backyard is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy nature. It is a delightful site to see birds gather around a feeder- you can watch them pick their food, hear them chirping away and look at them as they play around. The great thing about the Eco-Strong Ground Tray Feeder is that it larger than most feeders which means that you can attract all types of birds, and lots of them! Continue reading


Yummy Travel Bowls: eat, drink , go.


Yummy Travel Bowls are three pet bowls uniquely designed to fit together to create a single container. The container allows you to safely store and carry water and solid food without them mixing. Also, since it has three bowls, you can give your pet water and wet and dry food, all at the same time. And it also comes with a nifty saucer that you can fill with water to keep ants and other insects out of food. Continue reading


Duncraft Satellite Bird Feeder: spin & swirl


The Duncraft Satellite is a beautiful globe shaped bird feeder designed to attract small birds such as chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and finches. The feeder consists of three satellite units, and since the food opening is small, the birds pick out the seeds individually or in very small quantities. This means that you have a wonderful opportunity to watch them selecting their food. They often fly off after they have taken a seed and then come back again and again for more. Each time a bird flies off the satellite the satellite spins making the whole feeder even more beautiful. Continue reading


Stainless Steel Pet Scoop


A high quality pet scoop is a very good investment that will make your life as a pet owner a bit easier and a lot more efficient. The Stainless Steel Pet Scoop holds up to 12-oz of solids or 1.5 cups of liquid which means that you can easily and quickly serve large quantities of kibble and water.

It’s made from high quality stainless steel with matte finish and is significantly more durable (and stylish!) than other materials such as plastic. Another important advantage of stainless steel is that it is bacteria resistant- a very essential factor when dealing with your pet’s nutrition. Continue reading


Heritage Dog Food & Hydration Pack: Let’s go!


If you and your dog like hiking then the Heritage Food and Hydration Pack has everything you need to make your explorations even more fun. With the Pack you won’t have to worry about your dog’s food and water supply and can just focus on enjoying yourselves and nature around you. The main compartment of the Pack can hold up to 8 lbs. of kibble and has a roll top closure that keeps the food fresh and dry and also functions as a carrying handle. To ensure that your dog is hydrated and energized, the Pack has a side compartment that can hold up to 1.5 liters of water and has a pour tube for easy access. Continue reading


K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House


The K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House was designed to make sleeping outside a dry, warm and comfortable experience for your cat. It is ideal if your cat likes to sleep in the garage, barn or on the porch or any other sheltered area. The Kitty House is waterproof and comes with two entrances with removable flap doors. To keep the house nice and warm the Kitty House comes with a Lectro-Soft bed – a thermostatically controlled, ortho-foam, indoor/outdoor heating pet pad. Continue reading


Sleepypod Atom Pet carrier


The Sleepypod Atom is a beautifully well-designed pet carrier. First of all, it makes flying with your pet an easy and comfortable experience. The carrier has a back strap that slides onto your luggage so that you don’t have to carry it. Also, its edges can be folded and this way it meets all major airline regulations. Continue reading


Auto Grass Console Cover: keeping pooch in the backseat


It can be very dangerous if your pet disturbs you while you are driving. Some dogs like to poke their heads through the console of the car and there are those who just make their way onto the front seat. Until now the best solutions were gates or dividers but the problem with them is that sometimes your dog might jump over the barrier or somehow get through it. The Auto Grass is a simple and stylish solution that keeps your pet away from the front seat so that he or she can’t distract you. Continue reading


Bamboo Radiator Cat Bed


The Bamboo Radiator Cat Bed is an ingenious solution that lets your cat enjoy the warm heat of your radiator and also gives him or her a cozy place to rest and sleep. It has two sturdy hooks that easily latch onto your radiator and keep it securely in place. This unique bed also comes with a nice furry cushion so that your cat is comfortable and it also has a built in scratch pad to keep his or her nails in shape. A little teaser toy is also included to provide some extra entertainment. Continue reading


Reclaimed Wood Dog House


If you love the look and feel of Redwood and are looking for a unique dog house for your favorite four legged friend, then the Reclaimed Wood Dog House is a wonderful choice. hand-built with board-and-batten siding and a pitched, planked roof, it’s made from reclaimed redwood which has rich and deep varying shades of earthy red – a quality which cannot be found in new wood and is only available in reclaimed wood. Continue reading


Dog Towel & Mat: Soggy Doggy


Playing water games with your dog or just watching him or her splash around is always tones of fun. The enjoyment seems to end however when your wet dog needs to get into the car or house. The Soggy Doggy Mat and Towel are super absorbent solutions that ensure that nothing puts a damper on your good time with your pet. Continue reading


Designer Pet Crate Covers and beds


Traveling with your pet can be stressful for you both. The different sights, sounds and smells naturally cause your pet to be anxious. To limit this pressure and provide your pet with an added sense of security and comfort – check out the oh-so-stylish Designer Pet Crate Covers with their fabulous print options. Continue reading


WaterShed Outdoor Dog Bed


If your dog sleeps outside, it is important to give him or her a sturdy bed that can withstand the weather and the harsher wear and tear. The Outdoor Dog Bed was specifically created to meet these needs. The cover is made from 600 denier polyester that is very durable and that has been treated to prevent water absorption. Inside the bed is a hydrophobic-mesh channeled liner designed to prevent clumping while allowing water to quickly drain through. Continue reading


Wrought-Iron Doorway Dog Gate


The Doorway Dog Gate is an incredibly strong gate made from wrought iron. It is designed for dogs that can chew their way through wooden gates or that are strong enough to break through standard gates. With the Doorway Dog Gate your favorite four legged friend will stay out of harm’s way and in the space that you want him or her to be. Continue reading