Catissa Cat House


If you are looking for an indoor entertainment system for your cats that is also an attractive piece of modern architecture then the Catissa Cat House is for you. The Catissa Cat House is composed of four uniquely shaped wooden modules that are bound together to create an elongated house for your feline friend. Each module has three openings- a square, a circle and a pentagon. There’s lots of room for the cats to jump up and down between the modules and also space for them to just relax on one of the surfaces. Continue reading


Comfy Cone: for injured pets


Traditional pet cones are a kind of a ‘necessary evil’. When your pet is injured you must use one to protect against further injury, but there are problems with the plastic cones- pets have difficulties eating and drinking, they constantly bang into things and it is hard for them to relax with the cone on. Comfy Cone was designed to solve these problems. Continue reading


Sebastian Cat Tree


The Sebastian Cat Tree is a beautiful and modern take on the traditional cat tree. It has everything your feline friend needs to be entertained for hours on end – six separate levels to jump up and down on, a scratching pad on the first level to keep his or her claws in shape, carpeted spaces for sleeping or lounging on the second and fourth levels and a fun cubby hole to hide in on the second level (the cubby hole is 7.5″” wide x 8″” high and is also suitable for large cats). Continue reading


Dog Bandana Collar by Wildebeest


If you and your dog love accessories, then you will both absolutely adore these stylish Dog Bandana Collars. It is a standard collar that has two layers of triangular fabric securely sewn onto it. The fabrics are arranged in such a way that the top layer is dominant and the bottom layer elegantly peeks through. The top and bottom layers are interchangeable so that you have two looks in a single collar. Smashing! Continue reading


GlowDoggie: Glow In The Dark Dog Collar


One of the best ways to protect your dog from night time danger is to get him or her an illuminated dog collar. Just like cyclists or joggers wear glow in the dark gear, so too dogs need to be visible so that cars and other potential threats don’t harm them. One of the best quality dog collars on the market today is the GlowDoggie collar. It is made in Germany and is renowned for high quality and durability. The collar has Superflux LEDS that have a lifespan of 150,000 hours which is about 17 years! Continue reading


eiCRATE Pet Home: Round Dog Crate


The eiCRATE Pet Home is a beautiful, handmade piece designed by Peter Pracilio. Each crate is cut, bent and welded from steel wire in the Go! Pet Design studio in Brooklyn, NY and then powder-coated locally. Since the wire pattern on each piece is different, each eiCRATE is truly a 1-off piece. Continue reading


Modular Cat Condos: cats love boxes


If you have feisty and energetic cats that love to play, the Modular Cat Condos are a wonderful game that they can enjoy for hours each day. The Condos were designed by Catty Stacks who realized that cats love boxes (more than the gifts within them) and that it would be a great idea to make customized boxes that meet their needs. To this end, the Condos are made from Eco-friendly, industrial-strength Corrugated Ultraboard and are incredibly durable. They are so strong that even when cats scratch them, they don’t shred like other boxes. Continue reading


Enchanted Home Small Dog Snuggle Bed


If your small dog is into stylish lounging, the Enchanted Home Pet Snuggle Bed was made for him or her. This small bed has a beautiful and elegant look to it and is fabulously comfortable. Just look at these cuties (more photos below) – aren’t they gorgeous? Continue reading


Wine Barrel Dog Bed: classic country style


If you love the smell of wood and the appealing look of wine barrels, then the Wine Barrel Dog Bed is a piece of furniture that you will adore. It is Eco-friendly made from retired white oak wine barrel and solid white pine. It is a sturdy bed that is bound to last for years. It’s circular shape and wooden wall protection make it an ideal place for your favorite four legged friend to get some good quality rest and relaxation. Just looking at it makes you want to take a nap. Continue reading


Modern Cat Tower: Contoure


If you are looking for a an ‘out of the box’ cat tree – look no further. WhiskerStudio, a North California based design company, created the Contoure Cat Tower which completely redefines what a cat tree looks like. As the name implies, the Contoure has soft fluid curves that give it a distinct contemporary look. With a small footprint, it is ideal for small spaces or apartments. Continue reading


Power Pet Electronic Pet Door: open sesame


The Power Pet Electronic Door is an ingenious solution! With the Power Pet Door, your pet has the freedom to come in and out of your home and you will have the piece of mind that your house is safe. The door is activated by a tiny ultrasonic collar and will open only when your pet is directly in front of the door. The advantage of this feature is that the door won’t open if your dog or cat walks past the door or sleeps next to it. Continue reading


Sherpa Eva Pop Tote Pet Carrier


The Pop Tote Pet Carrier is an ideal bag that beautifully combines aesthetics and function. The carrier has a charming retro flower design and you can choose from either a grey or pink colored tote. The bags are manufactured by Sherpa, a pet design company that is known for its high quality products. The carrier is ideal for every day use- traveling in the car, going to the vet or visiting the park. Continue reading


Dog Pools Bone + Paw: pool party


There is nothing like jumping into the pool on a hot summer day to cool off. And now, there are customized pools for dogs that let you splash the afternoon away with your four legged friend. You can choose from the larger sized Bone shaped pool or the smaller sized Paw shaped pool and start enjoying quality play time. Continue reading


Pet Field Tents: camping Dog House


The Pet Field Tent by American based Go! Pet Design is a totally original concept that offers your favorite four legged friend a ‘tent of their own’ to call home. Designed by Peter Pracilio, the handmade tent is created with the highest level of craftsmanship and manufactured in the USA. The tent is made from American shelter tent waxed cotton canvas. It is easy to construct which means that you can take it anywhere you travel with your dog (camping should be especially fun). Continue reading