Bubble Tank: fish might get jealous


The Bubble fish tank by UK-based Psalt Design is a definite show stopper. Each fish tank is hand-made by a master glassblower making it a true one-of-a-kind piece. According to Psalt Design founders, the concept behind the tank was to create a design that demanded “a reaction, conversation or interaction between the owner and any guests”. This goal was definitely achieved. The fish tank has an amazing shape- a huge soft looking transparent bubble that slumps over the edge. Continue reading


Saltato & Intellato: modern cat furniture


Intellato & Saltato are exquisite pieces of furniture designed by Marina Sciarrino for Petsmood. Ms. Sciarrino is an Italian and French architect who draws inspiration from her bi-cultural roots. Her work is characterized by her intertwining of art, architecture and design as well as her high sensitivity to that way in which spaces are organized. Continue reading


Quack Dog Muzzle: super cute


There a many reasons why dogs need to wear muzzles. Sometimes they have a tendency to bite, sometimes they are injured and it stops them from making the wound worse and sometimes it stops them from chewing on furniture when they are suffering from separation anxiety. Unfortunately, most muzzles look aggressive and uninviting. The Quack Dog Muzzle is the complete opposite and totally redefines how muzzles look and feel. Continue reading


All Weather Jacket: stylish dog apparel


One of the nicest things to do with your dog is go for a walk. Day or night, winter or summer, watching (or sniffing) the seasons change together is a wonderful experience. And on cold winter days or windy fall evenings, your loyal four legged friend needs a jacket too! A fabulous choice is the All Weather Jacket by Wildebeest. Continue reading


Cat Shell Bed: stylish habitat for cats


Designed by Oppo, a Japanese company specializing in innovative creations for pets, the Cat Shell Bed is a stylish habitat for cats or small sized dogs. The shell shaped beds have smooth round contours and come in a soft white color. The Cat Shell bed has an inviting natural feel to it that compliments the decor of any home. Its simple and elegant styles ensure that it will seamlessly fit into any room in the house and add character to the space. Continue reading


Cat Crib: The Perfect Hang Out


The Cat Crib, invented by designer Greg Hora, gives your cat a fantastic hangout place and gives you a solution that doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is a true win-win situation. The Cat Crib is a hammock with four Velcro straps that can easily fit under virtually any chair or side table. If you place it in a strategic room in the house, your cat will enjoy hours of people watching. Continue reading


ARGO Petagon Airline Approved Carrier


St. Augustine said: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” So go exploring and do it with your favorite four legged friend! The ARGO Pentagon pet carrier is an ideal choice when it comes to traveling with pets since it seamlessly combines both style and function. Also, if you are planning a more exotic trip that requires flying, you will be happy to know that this stylish bag is also airline approved and meets the standards of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Continue reading


Dean & Tyler Leather Dog Harnesses: Warriors and Knights


The harness you choose for your dog is a very important decision. It becomes a type of ‘security blanket’ for your dog and is also a very important factor in the way you communicate and connect with each other. Through the harness you educate your four legged friend what behavior is appropriate and guide him or her where and when to go. Continue reading


M.PUP Dog House Sofa: Share A Small Space


Korean designer Seungji Mun created this extraordinary piece of contemporary furniture for M. Pup. The goal of the design was to merge the living spaces of humans and animals into a single piece of furniture. The Dog House Sofa takes into account the territorial needs of pets and gives them their own ‘room with a view’. Continue reading


Brass Name Plate Dog Collar: A Piece Of Jewelry


Lisa Greene, a US-based jewelry designer, finally found her calling when she started to design accessories for pets (and jewelry for humans who love their pets). All of her pieces are handmade with unparalleled attention to detail and craftsmanship. For smaller dogs she has designed a beautiful collar that comes with either one or two brass plates. You can customize the collar by engraving your dog’s name and or telephone number. The plates are made from solid brass and the engraving is made deep within the brass to ensure that it will last for a very long time. Continue reading


Juicy Couture Embroidery Pet Carrier Tote


If you’re looking to travel with style with your favorite pet, Fashion company Juicy Couture designed the perfect pet carrier for you both. This stunning pet bag comes in great colors to meet your fashion needs – all black, black with a gold base, coffee and bronze. On the front of the bag is a large embroidered Juicy Couture logo and it also comes with a beautiful large bow to give it some extra chic. Continue reading


The Circa50: Pet House Cabinets & Side Tables, Mid-Century Style


The Circa50 Collection was designed by Seattle based Crystal Gregory. Her goal was to convert standard (and usually unattractive) cat products such as litter boxes, cat beds and crates, into beautiful pieces of furniture that can be proudly displayed in any home. The furniture is made in mid-century modern style using the highest quality, Eco-friendly materials. Continue reading


Dog Backseat Bridge: Sit Ubu sit, good dog


Taking your dog in the car isn’t always simple. If you have a larger dog or more than one, the backseat is often not spacious enough. Sometimes if the ride isn’t smooth, your favorite four legged friend can slide off the car seat and onto the floor. Another danger is that sometimes your dog wants to explore the car and he makes his way through the space between the two front seats onto your lap. A great solution for all of these problems is Kurgo’s Dog Backseat Bridge. Continue reading


Lui + Vigo Cat Scratchers: Scratch. Play. Sleep.


Watching your cats having a good time is an especially rewarding experience. Unfortunately, very often one of their favorite places to sharpen their claws is your couch. Now, Modko, a Brooklyn based design-house together with myKitty from Poland, are offering an alternative that cats adore. Two beautifully designed pieces of modern furniture that cats can scratch, play, rest and sleep on. The one piece is called Lui and the other Vigo. Continue reading