Shake Dog Potty: Doing It In Style


The Shake Dog Potty by Modko is truly a breakthrough in innovation and design. With the Shake potty, after your dog has done its thing, all you need to do is close the pad, add water, shake it well and flush the dirty water down the toilet. The Shake Dog Potty is the brainchild of designers Brett Teper and Rich Williams, founders of Brooklyn based Modko, who wanted to create an aesthetic and pragmatic solution for pet owners living in apartments and small spaces. Continue reading


Dog House Set: Naturaly Comfortable


The Six Hands dog house set is a beautiful piece of modern and minimalistic design. It uniquely combines two very important elements that your dog needs- a shelter that gives your four legged friend a sense of their own space and a comfortable bed to lie and relax on. Continue reading


Wander Pail: 2 Bowls in 1


Picnics and outings with pets are always fun and now they are even easier with Kurgo’s Wander Pail. You don’t need to worry any more about taking an extra dog bowl with you or that food will spill everywhere. With the Wander Pail you get two bowls that conveniently pack into one and a screw on lid with a handle that makes it easy to carry. Continue reading


Chalet Dog House: and a Lamborghini in the driveway


If you are looking for a seriously classy looking abode for your stylish four legged best friend, you should check out the Chalet Dog House. It was designed in Italy (of course) by veteran luxury furniture company Chiavari. Chiavari recently decided to branch out and they established the FORMA Italia line – a line specializing in high-end designer furniture for pets. Chalet is an exquisite home for pooches that combines functionality and luxury. It has a beautiful solid wood exterior and an eye catching aluminum roof. Continue reading


Doggless: put on some shades


If you are looking for a totally original and stylish gift for your dog – look no further. Originalz is a line of fashion sunglasses especially designed for canines. In addition to being an outrageous fashion statement there are also health reasons for getting the glasses. Veterinarians have recommended the eyewear for both physical protection (from wind or debris) as well as protection from UV light. So the next time you and your dog feel like taking a walk in the park to check out what’s new, put on your shades and enjoy the view… Continue reading


Bird Box: Eco-friendly Birdhouse


If you are into minimalistic design then the SmithMatthias birdhouse is a piece you need to pay attention to. It was created by acclaimed artists Jack Smith and Gemma Matthias who co-founded SmithMatthias – a UK-based design company. The birdhouse has a natural feel to it and beautifully blends with the outdoors. Its inviting soft curves and appealing simplicity make it an outstanding piece. Continue reading


Petcube: no more home alone for pets


Now here is a lovely story. There is a guy called Alex Neskin and he left his dog Rocky home alone. Neighbors complained that Rocky was making lots of noise when Alex wasn’t home. So Alex set up a Wi-Fi webcam to see what Rocky was doing. He was upset to discover that poor Rocky was barking and scratching the door all day. Alex decided to build Rocky a robot that would enable them to play their favorite game together when Alex wasn’t home. He attached a laser pointer to a rotating camera and play time was on. It was such fun, that Alex made it possible for his friends to also play with Rocky. And voila, the Petcube was born. Continue reading


Suite Pet Bed: Italian design for pets


There is something about Italian design that just makes it stand out. Even from a distance you can appreciate its clean lines, elegance and quality. The Suite Pet Bed is no exception. It was made by Chiavari – an Italian company specializing in luxury furniture and interiors since 1969. The company recently launched the FORMA Italia line which focuses on creating innovative furniture for pets. Continue reading


Better Buddies Donut Beds: Smart, chic & eco-friendly


This soft, warm and comfortable pet bed was made by Better Buddies, founded by Mike Grady, Julie Grady and William Busch. The three entrepreneurs were frustrated with the low-quality and mediocrity of the pet products they saw and wanted to produce environmentally friendly, high-quality and chic creations. Not only are their designs smart and beautiful, 10% of their profits go to the Best Friends Animal Society’s Guardian Angel Program – a nonprofit organization that helps finding homes for pets with the most severe special needs. Continue reading


Halo Mini Pet Collar: simply smart


The HALO Mini Pet Collar was created by the HALO Belt Company, a San Francisco-based design enterprise founded by Vincent Pilot Ng. The idea is simply smart. Just as neon belts and other accessories are used by us humans to keep us out of harm’s way, so too an illuminated collar ensures that our pet is visible at all times and this keeps him or her safe. Continue reading


Whistle: take the best care of your dog


The Whistle Activity Monitor is a fantastic invention guaranteed to improve the well being of your dog and give you peace of mind. It is a small monitoring device that attaches onto your pet’s collar and records his or her activities. The Whistle comes with all the features you could possibly ask for. You have the ‘Activity Tracking’ that lets you know how much walking, playing or running your dog has been up to and the ‘Rest Monitoring’ that measures daily and long term rest patterns. A particularly nice feature is the ‘Time Together’ option that keeps track of how much time you have been spending with your pooch. Continue reading


Loop Luxury House for Gino the Dog


The Loop Luxury Dog House was designed by Turkish design company Gaia & Gino. While the name might sound like a pair of designers, in actual fact Gaia is the nickname of founder Gaye Cevikel, and Gino is her beloved Golden Retriever. The love is so deep that she designed a collection for pets called “Gino the Dog”. One of her latest designs is this comfortable and portable dog house made for small to medium sized pooches. Continue reading


Birdhouse: exceptionally beautiful


This exceptionally beautiful birdhouse was created by CPopp Workshop, a California-based designer furniture company founded by Curtis Popp. The design of the birdhouse is actually a part of their Soft Side Table collection- a collection focused on creating ‘approachable’ modern furniture. This was achieved in part by fashioning edgeless pieces that have a soft and welcoming look and feel. Continue reading


Walloff pet dish


The Walloff dish is a fantastic solution for keeping your pet’s eating area nice and clean. Designed with the eating habits of pets in mind, the Walloff dish consists of a food bowl that is surrounded by a moat that collects all spillage. With the Walloff dish you won’t have to worry any more about food and water ending up on your floor after your cat or dog eat their dinner. Continue reading