Rocking-2-gether Chair


American architect Paul Kweton had a rocking idea- to combine a traditional rocking chair with a pet house. His hybrid creation is called the Rocking-2-gether chair 2.1. As Kweton states: “The idea behind the design was to combine shelter and body relaxation and to push its functionality to a different, more personal level”. The execution is simply brilliant. Continue reading


Cat Tree houses


Shelley and Joe Delrocco from Florida couldn’t find a tree house that they liked so they designed one themselves. Their goal was to make a functional and aesthetic solution that would bring the outside – inside. Their creation was such a success that people started commissioning them to make tree houses and before they know it was their full time business.

The tree houses are unique in that they are made from real trees and when cats climb on them they enjoy the natural movement of the trees. This movement encourages the cats to jump around ensuring that they get the exercise they need. Another important advantage is that it draws their attention away from human furniture. Continue reading


Billy Wolf Jackets: Fine K-9 Coatery


It’s the latest ‘howl’ in dog fashion- coatery by New York designer Lyndsey Drago. Sophisticated and elegant, Drago’s Billy Wolf Fine K-9 dog clothing line combines classic American aesthetics with functional urban style. A veteran designer for Ralph Lauren and Timberland, Drago refocused her fashion expertise to create unique, high quality and ecological dog attire. All of the garments are handmade in the USA from vintage, deadstock or American made fabrics and are finished with salvaged buttons and handmade labels. Continue reading


Tagg: The Pet Tracker


Almost every dog or cat owner is familiar with the anxiety experienced when their beloved pet goes missing. Until now one could either get in the car and go looking or helplessly wait at home. Now, advanced GPS and wireless technologies have come to the rescue. Tagg is an advanced pet tracking device that let’s you know where your pet is at all times. Continue reading


Modular Cat Climbing Wall: the ultimate play station


The Modular Cat Climbing Wall is the ultimate designer ‘cat gymboree’. You can place different activity components on the climbing wall and give your cats hours of playing fun each day. While the system is sleek and stylish and looks as if you got it custom made, in actual fact you can easily assemble it yourself. Continue reading


Sophie Conran Garden Collection


Sophie Conran, one of Britain’s leading designers and a passionate gardener, created three beautiful ‘hanging havens’ to help bring gardens alive. The concept behind the design was to encourage wildlife to come into the garden so that it would be a blooming living organism.

The collection was designed for Burgon & Ball – UK’s longest standing garden tool manufacturer, renowned for their outstanding quality and innovation. The Garden Collection are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved wood which means that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests. Continue reading


Architecture for Dogs


Architecture for Dogs is a truly out of the box concept. Kenya Hara, the creative director of Japanese lifestyle brand Muji, commissioned twelve leading architects from around the world to design items for dogs.

Each architect invented a unique creation designed with the needs of a particular breed of dog in mind, taking into account their characteristic, temperament, health and living conditions. The designs range from clothing to furniture. All of the blueprints and building instructions for the designs can be downloaded for free from the website. The goal is to encourage people from all over the world to download the customizable projects, build a piece, and then upload their creation onto the site. Continue reading


Hotel California: Purple Martin Birdhouse


The Purple Martin is North America’s largest native swallow. It is renowned for its song, entertaining aerial acrobats and voracious insect eating. This beautiful bird is at risk due to human expansion and the growth of non-native bird species that inhabit its nesting places. Over the past 40 years there has been a significant decrease in the population of Purple Martins in North America. A key factor that has helped combat this decline has been the emergence birdhouses that offer a safe haven for these migratory birds. Continue reading


K-banette and Kokon Pet Houses


Designed by Sebastian Haquet and Thomas Lanthier from Pousse Creative, the K-banette and Kokon are chic, modern and multi-functional shelters for pets. Their unique design enables you to have a little plant garden on top of the pet house. You can place 4 flowerpots (that come with the package) on the top of the house and enjoy a little bit of nature. The pet homes themselves are cozy little designer abodes suitable for cats or small dogs. Continue reading


PipPip Bird Feeder


The Pip Pip bird feeder is an exquisite piece of modern design. It has clean and elegant lines and the silhouette of a home element gives it a warm and inviting feel. The feeder features an open bird house with a broad base upon which the birds can rest. It’s made from steel and is available in a variety of colors- white, red, green, black and silver. The exceptional design of the Pip Pip bird feeder is certain to compliment the decor of any modern home or garden. Continue reading


NESTo Pet Beds: a designer piece that you will adore


The NESTo Pet Beds, designed by Canadian-based Georgia Houston, beautifully combine form and function. What is wonderful about this bed is that it is highly customizable and lets you create a relaxing place for your pet that perfectly matches the decor of your home. The beds have two parts- an elegant square shaped outer bed and an inner polyurethane foam mattress covered by high quality fabric. The one mattress cover is called CORA and the other FoFURDO, and they are both available in a wide variety of colors. Continue reading


Dog Caller: Saves lives


The Dog Caller (no, this is not a misprint…) would just might save your dog’s life. Temperature can sometimes be quite unsteady and if you leave your dog in the car (which I never do) for just a couple of minutes while you pop in to the store, or even in a stuffy apartment, this might turn out to be a matter of life or death.

This scenario happened to Aaron Starkman who came out of the store to find his golden retriever struggling in the heat. Thankfully this awful expereince lead him to invent a heat sensing dog collar that texts your cellphone when the temperature is too hot for a pooch to handle. Continue reading


Pet dishes: Sip & Savor, Drink & Devour


I’m always on the prowl for stylish pet accessories, so feast your eyes on these new pet bowls and treat jars for dogs and cats, designed by the wonderful artist Rae Dunn.
Featuring smooth white ceramics adorned with vintage illustrations, while inside a word of advice awaits – sip, savor, drink, and devour – one for food and one for water, one for Kitty and one for Pooch. Continue reading


Lights Up Leash: Illuminated


The Pup Crawl Lights-Up Leash is a wonderful pet accessory. It’s actually a colorful dog leash that can be seen from one-quarter mile away in the dark – perfect for dog owners and their pets who want to see and be seen. Continue reading