Glasscape: an award-winning home


This is not your typical glass fish bowl, but a design icon. It re-interprets the classic fishbowl, transforming it into a majestic underwater piece of art. By utilizing light and shadow, a glass mountain terrain has erupted inside this bowl of hand blown glass. How beautiful is that? Continue reading


Driftwood Birdhouse


We found this beautiful birdhouse over at Anthropologie… isn’t it gorgeous? I love to blend natural, organic items in my garden, and this driftwood bird house definitely fits the bill. Continue reading




Hey everyone, meet Gino – a handmade glass figurine for all you trendy dog lovers. Designed by Harry Allen for Gaia & Gino, this little dog figure actually represents Gino in the form of a shiny cluster of crystal blocks. A three-dimensional, transparent, digitized tribute to our favorite four-legged friends. Continue reading


Green Kitten Starter Kit: The purrrfect gift


Remember we told you about those wonderful puppy starter kits? Well, now it’s time for all cat owners to have their treat with the Green Kitten Starter Kit. This hand chosen selection of kitten products arrives in a delightful hamper, and includes Lily’s kitten food, a lovely cat collar, treats and a catnip mouse. The purrrfect gift for your kitten or cat. Continue reading


Grooming Set: for short/long hair dogs


Here’s another great dog accessory from Hamish McBeth, it’s a grooming set for both short and long hair dogs. Each set includes a handy storage bag with four pieces inside that will ensure a smooth coat and a healthy skin. Continue reading


Dog’s Deli Cooking & Baking Recipes for Dogs: Yum!


I’m always up for a bit of cooking or baking – is anything better than cooking your own food… Dog’s Deli decided to take that idea a bit further and published two great recipe books with the latest doggy delicacies for your canine friend. Yum! Continue reading


Designer Pet Blankets: Natural Wool Throws


In some places it can get quite chilly in the evenings even in summertime, and dont we all like to snuggle with a luxurious wool throw to keep us warm and cozy. This set of blankets from Mutts & Hounds is just beautiful with a bit of that old-school, English countryside charm – perfect for spoiling your dog or cat or simply compliment any room in your home. Continue reading


Puppy Starter Kits: a wonderful treat


Who of us can resist the arrival of a new puppy? They are so adorable and soft, with their pink bellies and their tiny little noses… Here are some gorgeous puppy starter kit gifts for a girl and boy. Continue reading


Dog Harness Coat: Royal English Flair


Give your dog a royal English flair with these designer harness coats by Mutts & Hounds. Available from Extra Small to Large, you can take your pick from three adorable styles: the Red Dachshund print, to the Balmoral Check Tweed (expertly crafted in Yorkshire woolen mills since 1837), or the Union Jack (in case you’re feeling patriotic). Continue reading


Pet Treat Canisters: Bon Chien, Bon Appetit


It’s always fun to pamper our cats and dogs with nutritious, yummy treats, but it doesn’t mean you need to keep them stored in their original bags – Nope, you can actually keep them handy on your kitchen counter and still keep your style. And these lovely pet treat canisters from Harry barker will do the job beautifully. Continue reading


Travel Pod: Keep your pet safe and your car clean


I love taking Pooch for a ride in the car, and he loves it too. He’s so excited sometimes he simply can’t sit still. Have you ever tried driving while a small Yorkshire Terrier keeps jumping and running around? Don’t! It’s quite dangerous and dirtys up your car seats. So what we really need is a car seat for small dogs, just like the Travel Pod from Hamish McBeth. Continue reading


Calypso Cat Scratcher


Calypso, such a beautiful name… For those of you who do not know, Calypso was a nymph in Greek mythology, who is most famous for her role in Homer’s Odyssey, in which she keeps Odysseus on her island for several years. Well, in that spirit, this cat scratching post will also keep your cat pretty busy, and while most cat scratchers aren’t too lovely to look at, this one looks pretty good. Continue reading


hands free dog leash: run with your dog


The hands free dog leash is easy, safe and handy – the perfect accessory for runners and walkers who like to take their dog with them for their daily workout.

This great set will allow your hands to move freely, keeping you in a better posture while taking away the pulls and tugs, which are common with running or walking with a dog. It consists of an adjustable harness system, one dog leash, a 14 Oz water bottle, a storage pouch, and training guide. Let’s go for a run! Continue reading


Kitty Ball Bed: The throne


Should a cat were to have a throne – that would be it! Relaxing high above the ground in a ball-shaped bed, while watching everyone pass him or her by. Royalty, you said? Indeed! With the Kitty Ball Bed your cat will definitely lounge in style. Retro style, that is… Continue reading